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Spelling Humor Baseball T-Shirts


But + T = Butt. Butt + e = Butte. Butte + r = Butter.

Tags: studying, school, i-love-spelling, i-love-english, english-teacher


A funny take on spelling bee shirt

Tags: spelling-bee, spelling, spelling-errors, spelling-humor, funny

Tags: blue, spelling-humor, confusion


This design shows exactly just how absurd English can be! It reads "Yes, English can be weird. It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though." Perfect for anyone, especially teachers.

Tags: gifts, english-teacher-gifts, teacher, spelling-humor, english-grammar


Do you hate when people make spelling or grammar errors? Or do you want to buy a gift to your english teacher? This will be the perfect print for that.

Tags: quotes, joke, humor, funny, humour


Show off what you know, like the difference between their, there, and they're.

Tags: typography, nerd, classroom-decor, english-teachers, nerds


English is weird! The correct way to spell potato should be "ghoughphtheightteeau." This design is a perfect gift especially for any English teacher!

Tags: grammar-police, grammar-nazi, spelling-humor, spelling-error, potato

Spelling Potato Baseball T-Shirt

by MatthewJPool

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