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Stan Winston Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: predator, arnold-schwarzenegger, schwarzenegger, hunter, hunting

Tags: space-invaders, villain, commando, spaceship, guatemala


Perched atop her glistening egg-sac, bloated with the horrific spawn of the dreaded Aliens, the elegant armored monarch is master of all she surveys. Trespassing on her sacred territory means certain death, be it from her army of devoted drones, fatal impregnation by the fields of facehugger-filled eggs, or the powerful tail and talons of the Queen herself. The eggs bring life through death, and the Queen makes the eggs, spreading her deadly nightmare seed throughout the galaxy.

Tags: colonial-marines, sci-fi, giger, hr-giger, stan-winston

Tags: conan-the-barbarian, conan, commando, predators, spaceship

Tags: spaceship, guatemala, stan-winston, danny-glover, los-angeles


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