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Sympathy Baseball T-Shirts


Renowned poet, politician and jockey, Adam Lindsay Gordon had many profound things to say including this gem.

Tags: original, art, purple, orange, philanthropy

Tags: art-deco-illustration, art-deco-design, art, quote, gatsby


I know you're a good guy... but you know why I have to kill you...

Tags: sympathy-for-mr-vengeance, chan-wook-park, park-chan-wook, korean, korean-film


The rules of Sympathy, as described in The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss

Tags: arcane, wind, kvothe-the-bloodless, kvothe-the-arcane, kvothe


Rolling Stone "Sympathy for the devil" song inspired design

Tags: popculture, humor, mashup, popular, andriu


Hey do you like fighting for your friends? well let this shirt speak for itself and let it speak for you! Enjoy yhe sweetness we all get from Chibi Ike! You love him, you wish you were him, but can't! But what better alternative than just a Chibi Ike shirt on your chest?

Tags: ike, fire-emblem, radiant-dawn, radiant-awakening, super-smash-bros


Well you didn't expect the Empire to sit back and let the Rebellion carry out an massive attack unprepared did you? A mash up of ROTJ's Admiral Ackbar and Massive Attack's Blue Lines album

Tags: flammable, warning-sign, nostalgia, mashup, parody

Massive Trap! Baseball T-Shirt

by paulychilds

Tags: blue, purple, orange, vivid, vibrant

Cool Vibes Baseball T-Shirt

by goldengallery

Chan-wook Park's Vengeance Trilogy

Tags: vengeance-trilogy, chan-wook-park, park-chan-wook, sympathy-for-mr-vengeance, oldboy

Tags: art, kvothe, el-nombre-del-viento, felurian, kingkiller

Eolian Baseball T-Shirt

by saqman

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