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Takeru Takaishi Baseball T-Shirts


PATAMON, DIGIVOLVE TO...!! Now YOU can be the Digivice - this style holds T.K's partner Patamon in the style of the old LCD Digivice displays for your nostalgic pleasure.

Tags: patamon, digimon

Digivice - T.K Green Baseball T-Shirt

by digitalAlchemist

Tags: tk-takaishi, patamon, angemon, digimon-adventure, digital-monsters

Tags: armadillomon, takeru-takaishi, tk-takaishi, iori-hida, digimon-adventure-tri


The digital monsters seraph and the holy dragon

Tags: tk-takaishi, kari-yagami, takeru-takaishi, hikari-yagami, gatomon

Tags: digiworld, digidestined, hikari-yagami, takeru-takaishi, jou-kido

Tags: hope, tk, digital-monsters, digimon-adventure-tri, seraphymon

Tags: jou-kido, mimi-tachikawa, hikari-yagami, takeru-takaishi, gabumon


TK and his Digimon partner Patamon/Evolutions

Tags: magnaangemon, holyangemon, patamon, angemon, crest-of-hope

Crest of Hope Baseball T-Shirt

by Cardcaptorkatara

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