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Theatre Lover Baseball T-Shirts


A design for the musical 'Fiddler On The Roof' As with all my theatre designs, you can add the details of your own production on here, making this a great promotional tool to advertise your show, or simply a gift to a cast member or someone on the production team. To personalise this, or any other tee on my site at no extra cost), simply email me at customdesign.teepublic@marinasinger.33mail.com and include the details you wish to add.

Tags: fiddler, musical, broadway-theatre, fiddler-2, broadway-musicals

Tags: musical-theatre, drama, theatre, broadway, musicals

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Tags: rent-musical, hamilton, wicked, theatre, lesmis

Tags: theatre-lover, theatre-nerd, broadway-musicals

Tags: broadway-musical, broadway, theatre-lover, theatre-nerd

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Tags: actor, funny, theater, theatre-lover, theatre-camp


Does it hurt to not have theatre rehearsals?

Tags: broadway, drama, theatre-lover, theatre-camp, theatre-nerd

Tags: actor, stage-manager, theater, theatre-lover, theatre-camp

Tags: actor, theater, theatre-camp, theatre-lover, theatre-nerd

Tags: actor, theater, theatres, theatre-lover, theatre-camp

Tags: actor, theatres, theater, theatre-lover, theatre-camp

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Tags: humor, funny, actor, theater, theatres

Tags: actor, theater-camp, theater, theatres, theatre-lover

Tags: geek, actor, theater-camp, theater, theatre-lover


That's where it belongs!

Tags: acting, drama, theatre-gifts, theatres, theatre-lover

Tags: theatre-nerd, humor, actor, theatre-lover, theatre


Do you have Rehearsal? This is the perfect gift for you! Whether your an actor, actress, love drama rehearsal, drama.

Tags: birthday, christmas, gift, performing-arts, musical

Tags: broadway, theatre-nerd, theatre-lover, theater, hamilton


stage manager

Tags: theatre-design, theatre-tech, actress, actor, stage-crew

stage manager Baseball T-Shirt

by katrinawaffles

Tags: theatre-lover, drama, theater-stage-manager, theatre-stage-managers, theater

Tags: geek, theatre-stage-managers, theatre-masks, theatre-lover, theatres

There Will Be Drama Baseball T-Shirt

by thingsandthings

stage crew

Tags: theatre-kid, theatre-nerd, theatre-tech, theatre-design, stage-crew

stage crew Baseball T-Shirt

by katrinawaffles

Perfect gift for your theatre nerd friend.

Tags: theatre-nerd-gift, theatre-lover, theater, theatre, wicked


Perfect Gift For a Girl That Loves Theatre, and is Addicted To Coffee.

Tags: love-theatre, theatre-nerd, theatre-masks, broadway, coffee

Tags: geek, theatre-lover, theatre-camp, theatre-nerd, theater

Tags: theatre-lover, drama, stage, theatre-nerd, theater


Perfect Gift For a Wine Lover Who Loves Musical Theatre and Broadway!

Tags: wine, wicked-musical, broadway-musical, dear-evan-hansen, les-mis


Theatre lovers will love this shirt! Perfect gift for theatre nerds!

Tags: theater-lover, theater-geek, theater-nerd, film, actor

Tags: geek, theatrenerd, theater, musical, theatre


This cool shirt makes a great birthday or holidays gift for theatre lover, actors, actress, nerds, geeks, directors, producers, writers. If you are theatre fans and love watching drama, crazy fantasy world, then this apparel is yours! If you know someone who loves acting, singing, dancing, this "I'm A Theatre Nerd Geeks Funny Theater Gift T-Shirt" is the perfect shirt for you. Grab this novelty tee for yourself or to your dramatic friend and to anyone who loves musical theater.

Tags: theater-geek, trending, gift, theater-lover, theater-nerd


Don't Make Me Use My Director Voice Tee-Shirt. Funny theater quote Perfect tee for theatre lover, drama coach, stage actor and actresses, funny director or acting teacher. Fun shirt for actors, stage managers, directors and musical community theatre lovers.

Tags: theatre-stage-managers, theatre-lover, artist, actor, stage-manager

Tags: theatre-nerd, funny, broadway, theatre, theatre-lover


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