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Traditional Sculpture Baseball T-Shirts


This t-shirt is perfect for family and friends who love the art of sculpting or who love being artists. Makes a great birthday, holiday, Christmas, gag gift or unique gift for a special person in your life. Great for men, women, girls and boys alike. Order now!

Tags: sculpting, sculptors


The Sculptor action heroes power is to create images unseen that please the soul.

Tags: illustration, cartoon, comic-hero


This t-shirt is perfect for family and friends who love the art of sculpting - of moulding clay and other materials into a work of art. Makes a great birthday, holiday, Christmas, gag gift or unique gift for a special person in your life. Great for men, women, girls and boys alike. Order now!

Tags: graphic-design, nature, design, artsy, traditional-sculpture

Tags: nature, japan, tree, forest, mononoke

Tags: abstract, person, flower, designed, innovative


MARKIDUD : Mari Kita Udud that's mean let's smoke together

Tags: cigarette-smoking-man, smokers, smoker, happy, smile

Traditional Smoker Baseball T-Shirt

by soaktrendingworld

Tags: rose, black-and-white, roses, vectorart, vector

Tags: flowers, traditional-illustration, tattoo, floral, colour

Tags: ryu, tee, geek, japan, kanji

Tags: art, colors, colorful, design, creative

Tags: art, traditional, vector, digital, colour


The Puppeters is a tshirt brand to spread optimism by their positive messages and designs. We offer cutting edge designer tshirts with highest quality of fabric. Our team of designers is based in England and is constantly working on latest designs for our premium quality designer tshirts.

Traditional Om Baseball T-Shirt

by ThePuppeters

Tags: evil, demon, monster, horror, spooky

Tags: stormtroopers, stormtrooper, jedi, sci-fi, darth-vader

Tags: nasa, starwars, magic, sci-fi, sun


Lilith the Siren in traditional red and black colours, hope you like it!

Tags: gaming, games, siren, borderlands, lilith


Everyone needs a little luck every once in a while! This should cover all your bases!

Tags: traditional-tattoo, tattoo-style, lucky-charm, dice, shamrock


Based on Traditional Tattoo Artwork

Tags: traditional, tattoo, old school, trad, ink


The unsweetened, strong flavour of Albania.

Tags: funny, raki, albania


This flowing circular design features a flowing Chinese dragon. The body of the serpent snakes around from the top of the pattern down to the swirling tail. Four large claws extend from the body of the dragon creating an aggressive yet elegant stance. This beautiful pattern is a stylish take on the traditional Chinese dragon.

Tags: mythical-beast, mythical-creature, serpent, circular-dragon, dragon-circle


Traditional Croatian carnival mask from the region around Rijeka. According to the legend,originally created to scared evil spirits,enemies and wild animals

Tags: mores, adriatic, rock, stone, blood


Nausicaa & Ohm done in traditional style. Japanese characters read "Kaze no tani - Wind Valley / Valley of the Wind"

Tags: japanese, red, manga, anime, studioghibli


Callie and Marie have to go to a festival wearing traditional japanease clothing but Callie goes as a Mexican Mariachi

Tags: nintendo, squid-sisters, callie, marie, callie-and-marie


TRADITIONAL CELTIC WICCA PAGAN GREENMAN T-SHIRTS AND MERCHANDISE Traditional Greenman Tshirt, Pagan Tshirt. Wiccan Shirt, Green Man T shirt, Pagan Tshirt, Witchy Shirt, Wiccan inspired Tshirt design. Are you into Paganism and are looking for a Pagan Tshirt? Do you dabble in the dark arts and Celtic Mythology, Magick and Black Magic and are looking for a Dark Arts Tshirt to wear whilst you do Magick? Do you delve into the Occult and are looking for an Occult Shirt? Maybe you are a Pagan or a White Witch and are looking for a Dark Witchy T shirt? Then this Druid and Wiccan themed tshirt could be exactly what you are looking for. Pagan Greenman T Shirt and Traditional Celtic Greenman T Shirt. Wicca Shirt. Jack o' the Green Tshirt. Traditional Celtic Folklore Tshirt, Traditional Wicca Folklore Shirt.

Tags: folklore, jack-of-the-green, jack-o-the-green, pagan, druidism

Tags: sun, star, astronaut, scifi, galaxy

Tags: umbrella, leon-skennedy, stars, resident-evil-6, zombie


A simple Hex Sign (also known as a Barn Star), inspired by traditional Pennsylvania Dutch folk art.

Tags: emblem, traditional, pennsylvania, pennsylvania-dutch, hex

Tags: solid-snake, metal-gear-solid-2, solidus-snake, liquid-snake, hideo-kojima

Tags: anime, manga, alchemist, edward-elric, fullmetal-alchemist-brotherhood

Tags: iron-man, hulk, tony-stark, age-of-ultron, japan

Tags: fantasy, final-fantasy-7, ff7, final-fantasy-vii, ffvii


“Ake ome koto yoro” is casual/friendly shorthand for AKEmashita OMEdetou (Happy New Year) KOTOshi mou YOROshiku onegaishimasu (please act favorably towards me this year). Japanese say it just after the first of the new year, but you’re sure to turn heads wearing this cool shirt all year long!

Tags: witty, funny, psychic cat, gift, slogan


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