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Warner And Juliette Baseball T-Shirts

Tags: indie wrestling, warner bros, weekly wrestling podcast, wwp


On November 19, 1980, Natalie Green, Tootie Ramsey and Jo Polniaczek walked into Peekskill, New York’s exclusive private boarding school, Eastland Academy to discover their roomate was local legend BLAIR WARNER. They were never heard from again. One year later, their footage was found, documenting the students’ eight year journey of taking the good, taking the bad, taking them both and capturing the terrifying events that led to them learning the FACTS OF LIFE.

Tags: blair-witch-project


Struggling to survive in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, our group escape a farm and discover the security of a abandoned movie studio and begin to actually feel as though they've found a possible home. But the leader of a neighboring community could be a threat to their new existence. "So ehh, watch out for things... and stuff Doc." But bring on the carrot pudding.

Tags: kj, apa, kjapa, veronica-lodge, riverdale-tv


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