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Wool Sweater Baseball T-Shirts


Don't Be Tachy Ugly Christmas Sweater

Tags: ugly-xmas-sweater, ugly-holiday-sweater, ugly-sweater, ugly-christmas-sweater, christmassweater

Tags: christmas, deadites, necronomicon, deadbydawn, sweater


A Christmas pixel design that looks like an ugly sweater.

Tags: ugliy-christmas-sweater, ya-filthy-animal, filthy, uglysweater, xmas-sweater

Tags: joker, ugly-christmas-sweater, dc-comics, ugly-sweater, christmas


Ren and Stimpy - Happy Happy Joy Joy Ugly Christmas Sweater

Tags: ren-and-stimpy, ugly-sweater, xmas-sweater, ugly-holiday-sweater, ugly-xmas-sweater


oh oh ohana

Tags: santa-claus, merry-xmas, santa, holidays, merry-christmas

Tags: pikachu, pokeball, ash, ugly, christmas


Sleigher. Metal Santa funny christmas shirt for festive thrash fans. Rock around the Christmas tree this holidays with this metal xmas shirt.


Funny ugly Christmas sweater or Christmas sweatshirt

Tags: meow, cat, humor, funny, sweater


Ugly Christmas sweater mixed with 80's nostalgia. What could go wrong?

Tags: upsidedown, upside-down, science-fiction, sci-fi, retro

Tags: merry-christmas, xmas, horror, it, christmas-sweater

Tags: ugliy-christmas-sweater, holiday-sweater, ugly-xmas-sweater, uglysweater, christmassweater


Otherwise known as The Chosen Sweater.

Tags: christmas-sweater, harry-potter, sweater, holiday, christmas


When you want more this Christmas.

Tags: the-little-mermaid, little-mermaid, disney, under-the-sea


For all the sloth lovers out there.

Tags: bow, winter-sweater, wool-sweater, three-toed-sloth, two-toed-sloth


merr chrismas

Tags: dinosaur, merr-chrismas, it-chrismas, merry-christmas

Tags: sweater-pattern, christmas-sweater, zoidberg, happy-holiday, classic-christmas


Part of my 12 games of christmas series. Inspired by Metroid.

Tags: nintendo, video-games, gaming, geek, nerd

Tags: sweater-tshirt, ugly-sweater, holiday, security-guard, christmas-sweater

Tags: nsync, xmas, christmas-sweater, ugly-christmas-sweater, ugly-sweater


Ugly Christmas sweater featuring the Christine Sydelko meme

Tags: happy-chrimus

Tags: triforce, ocarina-of-time, twilight-princess, majoras-mask, link


So you're being forced to go to some ugly Christmas sweater party by your significant other that you don't want to go to. The last thing you want to do is be stuffed into some itchy old thrift store sweater all night, so why not fake it with a lightweight, breathable pseudo sweater t-shirt? That's right, this sweater is Christmas as Fuck, so nobody can say you're not bringing your A-game.

Tags: christmas-as-fuck, merry-xmas, ugly, santa-claus, merry-christmas


I’m thinking a lot of cat owners should relate to this.

Tags: paw-prints, present, christmas-present, ugly-christmas-sweater, merry-christmas

A Cat-astrophe Baseball T-Shirt

by SlothgirlArt

Tags: ugly-christmas-sweater, ugly-sweater, xmas-sweater, ugly-holiday-sweater, ugly-xmas-sweater


A Yoshi's Woolly World design. What better for an ugly sweater? Get ready for Christmas with Yoshi!

Tags: yoshi, yoshi-egg, yoshis, yoshis-island, nintendo


I wanted to design something that the orcs, trolls, taurens, blood elves, and undead could all wear while sitting around a nice campfire after a long day of PvP. I hope you like it. ^^

Tags: warcraft, wow, fantasy, blood-elf, orc


Keep your spirits high this holiday with Bulbasaur!

Tags: pokemon, bulbasaur, holiday, festive, grasstype


On the eve of Christmas the cultists chanted and there from the abyss came Cthulhu.

Tags: arcade-sweater, hp-lovecraft, hannukah-sweater, christmas-sweater, ugly-xmas-sweater


Charmander will keep your holiday spirit warm!

Tags: pokemon, xmas, ugly-christmas-sweater, pokeball, charmander

Tags: cosmic, space, universe, stars, galaxy


Ugly Christmas Sweater!

Tags: yo-yo, daisy, icers, snowflakes, shield


It's dangerous to go alone, wear this and have a legendary Christmas

Tags: sweater-pattern, christmas, link, zelda, crest


It's Christmas in Twin Peaks!


I'm Christmas groot

Tags: santa-claus, tree, merry-xmas, guardians-of-the-galaxy, nerd


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