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Affiliate Tips: Let's Talk About FAM


We’ve been tossing the word FAM around for a while, but what does it mean? We’ve touched on bits and pieces of the program on the community designer side of our blog, but today’s post is all about affiliates and what FAM can do for you and your store on TeePublic.

What is FAM?

FAM is our Fan Art Marketplace (also known as our Fan Art Program), an exciting new chance for fan artists to get the opportunity to create officially licensed work hosted on the TeePublic marketplace. We’ve formed a number of brand partnerships over the last year, with many more exciting ones on the way, and we’re eager to get affiliates in on the fun.

Who are you working with? 

From Back to the Future, to Rick and Morty, Homestuck, and Steven Universe-- we’re working with tons of iconic and great brands! The list goes on and on, and is always updating, so keep an eye on TeePublic’s FAQs for the whole list.

This page also links out to the guidelines for creating art for each property. Artists are advised to pay close attention in order to increase their chances of approval. If you’d like to create for any art of these partnerships, make sure to look this over!

What do I do if I, or one of my followers, wants to submit art?

It all starts with the brand partnership guidelines! Each brand is different, so make sure to read up on what the Rightsholders wish to see from new fan art. You can find all of this in our FAQs

After art has been created, uploaded onto TeePublic, and tagged it will be reviewed. Keep an eye on your inbox to know the status of your or your fans’ work!

If I’m not a fan artist, where do I come in?

One of the best perks of our Fan Art Program is how it allows affiliates to expand what they offer in their stores using officially licensed merch. We’ve talked at length about the benefits of curation including how it refreshes the content in your store--and what your fans see--without having to take up your time to make new designs, highlights creators who love the things you love, and earns you and the TeePublic artists more money.

The Fan Art Program takes it to the next level, especially if your audience is interested in one of the partners we’re working with. It adds a new “wow!” factor to the work you can share with your audience--or even better, that your audience can create for you--and becomes another useful tool in your merchandise tool box.

How do I find art?

There are a few ways you can find the best art to feature in your merch stores. First, tags! Every brand partnership guideline page has a list of proper tags that our artists will use for their works. But we know that can be a lot of art to go through. Fortunately, our community teams put together a great list of designs for Fan Art Friday which you can find on our Instagram and blog.

There are tons of opportunities for affiliates to hop in on the fun of licensed fan art with the TeePublic Fan Art Program. Even if creating art isn’t your thing, take a look at what the many designers on the site have already whipped up and see what feels like a right fit for you, your store, and your audience. If you’re not sure where to begin, or if you have any questions about the program or the process, we are here for you! Shoot your account manager an email or hit us all up at [email protected] and we can get the conversation going.

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