Affiliate Tips: Setting Up Facebook Shop


Let’s talk about Facebook shops! The name tells it all, really. It’s a section of your Facebook page dedicated to showing off your shop/merch/whatever you want to name it.

But why set up shop? Creating a Facebook shop helps keep everything all in one place. Social media houses community, engaging posts, links to other content-- so why not share your TeePublic store there too? 

Integrating TeePublic into your Facebook account turns your page into an additional place for your fans to find your store and makes for quick shopping. Plus it’s easy to do. Let’s get started! 

Before starting, you need to be a Business Manager admin. Then you will need to set up a Commerce Manager account. Here’s how:

Step 1: Laying the groundwork

  1. Log into Facebook and head over to Facebook’s Commerce Manager
  2. Make sure you select “Your Website” as where you want your audience to be redirected to eventually for preview and purchase. This ensures you’ll be able to add in your TeePublic links to your Facebook Shop catalog.
  3. Next, you’ll select your Facebook page, your visibility, and name your collection. Once that’s done you’ll be ready to start your shop.

Important Note: The page you’re setting up your Commerce Manager account for does not have to be the same as your Business Manager account.

Step 2: Create your Catalog

  1. To have merch available in your store, you need to create a catalog of products to choose from. You can do so by going to “Catalog” and creating listings for your products. 
  2. Here is where you will add in your TeePublic products and the tracking links to take your fans to your merch. 

Important Note: Make sure you use your tracking links here (you know, the one in the yellow bar that contains your affiliate tracking ID).


Step 3: Customize your store

Your Commerce Manager page is where you can create your collections. You can name them, add a description, and even set up their own cover photos. You will select the products to feature in your collection from the catalog you’ve uploaded in Step 2. Every collection must have at least 2 products in it. 


Other perks: 

  1. Your fans will have access to a comfortable desktop and mobile experience without any extra effort on your part
  2. Once you have this set up on Facebook, you can also integrate this with your Instagram too so long as you have a Business account
  3. More visibility! We mentioned it earlier, but this is a great way to get your store in front of more eyes without having to do any extra promotion or posting.
  4. It’s a new way to direct people. Talking about your TeePublic URL isn’t always easy, especially not by word of mouth. With a Facebook shop, you can direct your audience to your Facebook page and have them find your store there.

You can find even more information here and here via Facebook themselves! 

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