Affiliate Tips: The Hows and Whys of Running Limited Edition Merch


We’re running out of time!

Just kidding, but did we get your attention? We’re here to talk about limited edition merch, the benefits of selling products on a time limit, and the different ways to do it all on TeePublic. 

Limited edition merch is exciting! Compared to having all your designs available at all times, limited editions creates a sense of urgency around what you’re offering your fans. It adds an extra layer of fun for your fans.

It’s great for celebrations, too! It’s not everyday that you hit that subscriber mark or celebrate an anniversary. To that end, it might not make sense to leave that celebratory design up for a long period of time. Like, who buys Christmas designs in April, you know? So not only does limited edition merch pique buyer interest in a way that regular merch doesn’t, it also is a great tool for celebrating a moment in that moment.

There are two ways to leverage limited edition merch with your TeePublic store: 

First, campaigns! The campaign tool is built for limited edition sales. It includes a countdown timer and progress bar on the product page. What better way to show it’s a limited edition design than with a timer counting down the seconds before the design is no longer available? 


But campaigns aren’t always for everyone-- and they’re not always available depending on the holidays. You can use your regular merch store in the meantime!

Every design you upload is able to be activated and deactivated as you want. If you didn’t know, inactive designs still exist in your “My Uploads” page, but they are hidden from your visible storefront. This gives you full control over what designs you choose to display and when you choose to display them, all at the click of one button! It’s a wonderful way to remove and/or re-add designs at will. 

Unlike campaigns where the time limit is visible to everyone, you get to choose when you no longer want a design of yours activated. This means that the time limit is all up to you and can change without other people knowing. Let’s say you want a design available for a week, but it’s selling so well you don’t want to take it down yet. Great news, you can extend the availability for as long as you want and no one needs to know! That’s how easy it is with the “activate/deactivate” buttons. 

One other benefit to using this method as opposed to campaigns is that it’s much easier to bring the design back for another round of sales later in. We know that limited edition sales are great for creating urgency around purchasing. Bringing back designs that were limited edition have the extra benefit of an exciting return that customers usually love to jump on!

One final note-- campaigns can only be set up by account managers! If you’re interested in going this route, make sure to contact your manager or [email protected] to get started. Using the “activate/deactivate” method is something you can do without us-- but we’d love to chat about ways that we could make it even more exciting for your fans.

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