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An Affiliate Welcome: Fill up Your Store


Let’s talk about Adding Designs to Your Store and Getting Paid-- Some pretty important things, right?

First, your affiliate link. When you’re signed into TeePublic, there’s a yellow bar that stretches across your screen with a link inside. This is your Affiliate Link. Anytime you talk about TeePublic, this is the link you want to share! It changes depending on what TeePublic page you’re on, so no matter what you want to share (for example, whether it’s your whole store or just a specific t-shirt) there will be an affiliate link just for that and you’ll be able to grab it from the yellow bar.  

Most of all, using this link is the difference of receiving your 11% affiliate commission on top of any designer earnings!


Now, let’s add some designs!

If you’re ready to upload a design to your storefront, just hover over your icon at the top right of your screen and click “Upload a Design” (easy, right?), then follow the prompts to get started.  We have a great walk through of our whole uploader experience

Another way to add designs to your TeePublic store is through Curation. As a TeePublic Affiliate, every design in the TeePublic marketplace is available for you to add into your merch store. To do this, simply click the “+Merch Store” button on the designs you’d like to feature.


Now that you have designs to share, let’s post about it on your socials to let your followers know! 

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