An Affiliate Welcome: Your First Promotions


Hey new affiliate, let’s talk about promoting your storefront!

Ultimately, your success at TeePublic is dependent upon your community 1) knowing you have a storefront and, 2) having easy access to it. Here’s a list of resources that TeePublic has put together over the years that can really help bring your store to the next level as you set out promoting:

Promoting Your Store on Social Media

Promoting Your Store on Instagram

Promote Your Storefront (From TeeHunter)

How to Promote When You're Feeling Lazy

Affiliate What Not to Do's

We know that’s a lot to read, so here’s a tl;dr with some important takeaways:

Post, Post, Post: Whether it is to give your fans a heads up about TeePublic’s upcoming sale or because you want to share a new design, social media is the most convenient way to promote your storefront’s link! Posting frequently, and across all platforms, makes sure that everyone gets a chance to see it.

Give Your Store Link Visibility: The more accessible and visible you make your store link, the greater the chance you have of your fans clicking on it even when you’re not promoting.  Because of this, it’s best to ensure that your store link is available in all of your social media profiles or featured in a link tree. If you have your own personal website, we recommend linking to your store in your Main Navigation or Header Bar.

Integrate Promotions into Your Content: Taking a moment during a recording to mention your TeePublic store can lead to a drastic uptick in sales because this is when your fans are most engaged. This tactic is especially great for podcasts, Twitch Streams, YouTube, and Instagram Stories! 

Whew, that’s a lot to take in, huh? But now that we’ve done it let’s promote your store today! 

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