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Artist Spotlight: Meet Barrett Biggers!

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#wip for "Heroes of Hylat"

Welcome! You'll want to make yourself comfortable and settle in because we've got a good one for ya.

We're very excited to re-introduce our artist interviews, and we're kicking it off with one of our very favorite designers on the site: Barrett Biggers!

Every Wednesday for the next few weeks, we'll be unleashing more artist spotlights, so check back here often!

With no further ado...BARRETT BIGGERS! 


What inspires your work?

I’m inspired by darker realism fantasy fine art, clean and impactful graphic design and vintage illustrative design. I love the challenge of integrating pop-culture references into fake products and also making my own artistic take on my favorite characters from my favorite films, anime, and books. I love surrealism and dreamy, organic sci-fi themes.


What's your creative process when creating a new design?

I do research and try to make things as efficient as possible by having good ideas made ahead of time. I also do a lot of photobashing using stock photography to get ideas before committing to a design. I use many references because I want to make it look correct and be accurate. It is a clean and smart way to design.

How would you describe your design aesthetic/style?

I have many styles! I do not like to stick to only one look. Art is more fun with variety. I would say if you look at all my work you could pull more natural humor and darker fantasy/ emotional vibes from them.

#wip of "Open Your Eyes"


What do you like most about being a designer?

The fact I can make something someone is willing to walk around with on their chest is an incredible feeling and honestly, it makes me feel very grateful.


How did you get into t-shirt design?

I was told my art would do well on shirts. Thanks to places like TeePublic that do DTG printing, I was able to use my art that was not color-separated and too complicated for silkscreen processes. Now I do more color sep work but it is still very nice to be able to take ANY painting or design and make it printable on products.


What are your favorite 2 designs of yours?

One of my favorites is my "Heroes of Lylat" design which is my realistic animals illustration/painting inspired by StarFox. Second would be my "The Upside Down" Stranger Things-inspired design.

Eleven is a fan, too!


Do you have a design and/or series you'd like to highlight?

Well, I am doing a lot more original animal/nature surrealism arts, so I would love to move forward in that style and direction with my future work. I love nature, animals, and biology (I have a degree in Biology, not art lol).

"Spirits of the Animal Kingdom"

Are there any current artists in the t-shirt design community that you're a fan of or otherwise collaborate with?

My favorite designer/artist currently on tees is Medusa Dollmaker - huge fan! I collaborate with JP Perez very often on many designs - he is an incredible illustrator and very humble. Also, I work with CoD Designs on artwork as well - he too is great to work with and has excellent ideas.

#wip of "We Are All Mad Here"


What movies/shows/books/music/podcasts are you really into right now?

I’m watching Game of Thrones, the new Twin Peaks and I'm finally watching Breaking Bad (I know!!) I love ambient electronic atmospheric music artists like David Helpling, Michael Sterns, Steve Roach, Erik Wøllo- just to name a few.

What is your spirit animal and why?

WOLF. I am very much a loyal hound who is very protective and incredibly concerned about taking care of my family, eating, and being free. I enjoy the simple things in life: good food, good drink, and good company - don’t need fast cars or big mansions. I'd rather be in the middle of the forest.

What's your favorite tee you own? 

My Butter Beer shirt (editor's note: "A Magical Tradition") I made recently is worn way too much! Shameless self-promotion I know, but I’m happy to show my work. I really enjoy people’s reactions to it and not knowing I’m the one who made it. I also do many live art sessions at Universal Orlando so it helps with conversation starters!

He wasn't kidding! :)


Thanks again, Barrett, for the great interview! He's such a cool guy, huh? 

Next Wednesday, we'll publish another designer interview from the archive, so stay tuned!

XO, TeePublic


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