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Beyond Making Money: What Your TeePublic Store Can Do For You


The TeePublic affiliate team has put together plenty of resources for how to monetize different social media channels, but maybe making money isn’t your focus. Believe it or not, we get it! Not everything has to be a business venture and not every passion has to be turned into profit. But did you know that you could still set up and benefit from hosting a TeePublic merch store? Let us take you through some other great reasons to team up with us, including how to give back in more ways than one. 

Engage with your fans

This is the biggest and best perk of setting up a TeePublic merch store. We know that making a merch store might seem like it’s for you to make money than than it is for your fans to enjoy, but you’d be surprised. Your fans are likely looking for ways to show their love for you. That’s not just by purchasing or supporting you monetarily, but also seeking out the chance to wear their fandom for you proudly. Clothing, stickers, and accessories allow them to spot and connect with other fans, and can act as conversation starters. Sometimes merch is less for the content creator and more for the fans’ self expression and we at TeePublic are all about that!

Plus there are plenty of other ways to interact with your audience using our account management tactics. For example, giveaways give you a whole new way to leverage your social media platform and have conversations with your audience. Or, if you host a design contest, then you’re providing a new way for your fans to showcase their skills and maybe make money themselves if they upload their works onto TeePublic! 

Showcasing art and artists from around the world

When someone curates art into their TeePublic store two things happen:

  1. The original artist makes money every time that design is sold, even from the affiliate store
  2. They get more eyes on their artwork.

It’s a win-win! We just mentioned design contests, which are a great way to promote the artists in your audience base, but there are also many creators already on TeePublic whose work you or your fans might love--especially now with our Fan Art Partnership program. Rather than making money yourself, consider your store as a platform for promoting others and helping them earn more instead.


If making money isn’t something you want to do, why not donate to charity? You’re free to do what you wish with your TeePublic earnings and we think there’s nothing better than giving to your favorite charity. We’ve had plenty of partners set up partial or full donations from their earnings, and plenty more who have made dedicated charitable designs using our campaign feature, so we can say with confidence this is something that we can and love to do.

These are just some of the ways having a TeePublic merch store can benefit you beyond making money. The affiliate team is always on the lookout for more ideas, so let’s make it a conversation. What other ways do you want to be able to use your store outside of making money? 

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