The 29 Great College Graduation Gifts for Him

Chris Rausch

Goodbye, frat parties, ramen for every meal, and falling asleep in class from an all-nighter. Hello, graduation!

The day that one is done with school for good is a day every kid has dreamt about since... they weren't going to school. While graduating high school was the start of your independence, graduating college is the start of the rest of your adult life.

Graduation day is a time of triumph, and it deserves to be recognized as such. Whether he can’t wait to be done with school or dreads having to acclimate into society again, a college graduation gift for him shows that you’re proud and helps him transition from a college kid to a working man.

The Greatest Graduation Gifts for Him

If your son, brother, friend, or partner just graduated from college, consider bringing one of these graduation gifts for him to the grad party to celebrate the exciting occasion. There’s something for every kind of relationship and all kinds of messages, including pride, a sense of dread, and humor.

Grad Vibes T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by PrintVerse Studios | 26 colors

Throughout his college career, his vibe was almost always some level of stressed. But now that he’s done with classes and tests and can finally relax, it’s like he’s become a new person. Now, he’s got graduate vibes, or as this chill t-shirt calls them, grad vibes.

Straight Outta College T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by Shirtbubble | 21 colors

Any gangsta rap fan will love this N.W.A.-reminiscent design that replaces Compton with college in a humorous twist. A clever addition to his wardrobe, he can even wear it under his graduation gown as he walks across the stage to receive his diploma.

MBA When Your BS Can't Take You Further T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by merkraht | 21 colors

Unfortunately, a bachelor’s degree doesn’t take you quite as far as it used to, and more and more jobs are requiring master’s degrees. As he enters the business world with his MBA, this playful tee is the perfect gift to commemorate his graduation from higher education.

Rad Grad Mug


Mug | TeePublic | by thingsandthings

Whether he thinks his degree is cool or not, the fact that he now has a degree to his name is pretty rad in your eyes. With this sweet rhyming mug, he’ll be reminded of your sentiments every morning while he drinks his coffee before heading off to work.

Will Work To Pay Off My Student Loans T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by Digiimg Art | 20 colors

College tuition costs are astronomically high – 747% higher than they were in 1963 – and that’s just for in-state universities. Add in the costs of course materials, meal plans, Greek life, and housing, and it’s no surprise he needed a loan. Now it’s time to pay it off. Is anyone hiring?

One Degree Hotter T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by God & Geeks | 28 colors

Now that he’s officially a college graduate, he can pride himself on his degree and the job opportunities it will hopefully bring his way. You, on the other hand, couldn’t be more excited to let him know he’s officially one degree hotter than he already was with this cheeky tee.

The Tassel Was Worth The Hassle Mug

the-tassel-worth-the-hassle-mug college graduation gifts for him .webp

Mug | TeePublic | by A-Buddies

Were the sleepless nights, hours-long study sessions, tears, and caffeine crashes worth it in the end? We’d like to think so, and we’re sure he’d agree. As he begins his post-graduation journey, this cheery mug reminds him that graduating was, in fact, worth the hassle.

Phucking Difficult T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by youokpun | 9 colors

Completing a doctorate degree is no easy feat. As this cunning tee subtly states, it was phucking difficult — but he saw it through. The fact that he’s graduating with his Ph.D. is worth celebrating, and with the intensity of his research, he’s definitely earned a few drinks.

I Survived College T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by Portals | 22 colors

Getting through college can be difficult, with the overwhelming stresses of keeping your grades up, participating in clubs or fraternities, and also maintaining your mental health. But he did it! He survived, and as a reward, he gets this modest tee that celebrates his accomplishment.

Is It Over Yet? Mug


Mug | TeePublic | by Courtney’s Creations

As a senior, he’s probably spent the past year itching to be done with classes & counting down the days until the end of his final semester. As a playful little acknowledgment of his repeated questioning, consider gifting him this snazzy mug that asks, “Is it over yet?”.

Trust Me I've Got a Law Degree T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by epiclovedesigns | 16 colors

He’s the one who always knows his legal rights – and yours – and he’ll be the first to fight to defend you. Maybe he’s also a bit of a rules lawyer during game nights, but that’s okay. After all, he’s got a law degree now, so it’s essentially his job, right?

Graduated 2024 No Ducks Given T-Shirt 


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by Ruftup Designs | 28 colors

As he’s nearing the end of his college career, he’s starting to relax more. He hasn’t quite reached the senioritis stage yet, thankfully. But with lax teachers and fewer courses, he no longer gives a, uh, duck since he’s already on track to graduate, and nothing stands in his way.

Class of 2024 Graduation T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by kateeleone97023 | 21 colors

It’s not about where he graduated from, but the fact that he did it, and you could not be prouder. He’s not really the type to go for university-branded items, and that’s where this simple tee comes in, featuring just a graduation cap and “Class of 2024”.

Graduation Golden Retriever Mug 


Mug | TeePublic | by sagittariusgallery

Dogs have been proven to be therapeutic for college students, and he’s taken full advantage of every opportunity to spend time with his favorite dog — a golden retriever that matches his energy. While the dog may not be graduating with him, it’s a cute picture for a mug, right?

Step One Graduate Step Two No Clue T-Shirt 


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by thingsandthings | 21 colors

His whole life has always been planned out for him, though his degree was his own choice. Now that he’s entering the real world, he’s got more freedom than ever – and no plan. While he might be freaking out a little, this lighthearted tee will still surely make him smile.

Engraved Graduation Matte Black ID Bracelet


Bracelet | Things Remembered

With a smartphone and a work computer, maybe he doesn’t feel that he needs a watch to keep track of time, but he still enjoys the feeling of something on his wrist. Perfect for all occasions, this sleek black personalized bracelet touts his university name or a heartfelt message.

Going Places Graduation Gift Box


Teddy Bear Gift Box | Build-A-Bear Workshop  

Whoever said stuffed animals just had to be for little kids? There’s no cuddle requirement, but even if there was, adults need a little snuggle sometimes. This commemorative bear adds some decorative flair to his apartment, shows your love, and celebrates his achievement with a congratulatory “You Did It!” diploma.

Breaking Grad Sticker


Sticker | Redbubble | by GO SHIRT-TEE

For the college grad who loves Breaking Bad, this punny sticker making him the show’s main character is the perfect gift. He can stick it to his laptop or water bottle or store it away as a commemorative keepsake from his graduation day.

Definition of a Graduate Personalized Keepsake


Keepsake | Personalization Mall

There are many ways to describe a graduate. You can go the dictionary route, define him specifically, go a little abstract with it, and so on. With this thoughtful keepsake, you can define your graduate in three different ways and add his name for an extra personal touch. 

Compass Inspired Personalized Premium Crystal Award


Crystal Award | Personalization Mall | 2 sizes

Life after graduation can feel like losing your way, now that there’s no predetermined direction. That said, the best gift you can give is a little guidance as he begins his next adventure out into the real world. And what’s more fitting than a crystal compass?

You Did It! Graduation M&M Gift Box


Gift Box | MMS.COM

After grueling hours of coursework and exams, he’s more than earned a sweet treat, don’t you think? Customized with his school colors and graduation-themed icons (or a picture), this M&M's gift box is the perfect way to end his final year and satisfy his sweet tooth.

Custom Graduation Man Bobblehead With Engraved Text


Bobblehead | MyFaceBobbleheads

He’s collected bobblehead figures of his favorite athletes since he was little, but we can almost guarantee that he’s never had one of himself. While his collection may line the walls of his childhood bedroom, this cleverly customized one can sit on his desk while he works from home. 

Custom Graduation Year Etched Wine Bottle


Wine Bottle | Mano's Wine 

Some men like beer, some men like spirits, and others like wine. He won’t say no to a glass of wine, especially a full-bodied red like this one. Whether he drinks it right away or saves it for a rainy day, he’ll love this custom-etched wine bottle.

Letters to the Graduate: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever. by Lea Redmond


Book | Barnes & Noble | by Chronicle Books LLC

Impart unto your graduate the knowledge and advice that you wish you'd been given at his age with this heartfelt book that features 12 prompted letters for you to fill out for him. You can share not only your pride in his achievement but also your love and cherished memories.

Oh, The Places You'll Go! By Dr. Seuss


Book | Target | by Random House

You can’t go wrong with the classics, right? It’s a tradition at this point for graduates at any stage of life to receive a copy of Oh, The Places You’ll Go! with advice for the next chapter of their journey inside, so could he really ask for anything better?

Complete Graduation Gift Box


Gift Box | Etsy | by GratefulGadgets

Sometimes, it’s hard to find an exceptional gift for someone special. Now that his time in his fraternity (and his university) is coming to an end, you want to go above and beyond. This luxurious gift box includes a watch, cuff links, tie clips,  sunglasses, a flask, and more.

Mahogany Diploma Frame with Tassel Holder


Diploma Frame | Amazon | by GraduationMall | 8 colors 

When you have to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a piece of paper that validates your studies, you’re going to want to mount it on the wall and show it off, right? This fancy diploma frame does just that — and even includes a space for his tassel.

Engraved Black Vegan Leather Padfolio and Pen Set 


Padfolio & Pen | Things Remembered

So, you want to prepare him for success in the real world but don’t know where to start. Neither does he. What do you even bring to the first day of a new job? How about a thoughtfully engraved padfolio that shows his initiative and ensures he’s ready to go? 

College Football Stadium Sculpture Candle 


Candle | Uncommon Goods | by Uncommon Originals | 10 schools 

Whether he is a student-athlete or just a sports fan, he loves college football and he’ll continue to watch long after his graduation day passes. With this soothing hand-poured candle, he can support his favorite college team – and admire their stadium with the laser-cut wooden sculpture on its lid.

Give Your Congratulations With the Perfect Graduation Gift for Him

After years of hard work, sleepless nights, and struggling to get by, he’s finally ready to begin the rest of his life. Send him off in style with one of our funny or sentimental t-shirts, mark the occasion with a keepsake celebrating his growth, or give a gift that you can enjoy together to build a memory that lasts a lifetime. No matter what you do, it’s sure to make his graduation day more memorable.

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