33 Great Gift Ideas for College Boys, Guys, and Dudes

Chris Rausch

Everyone’s college experience is different, but the vast majority of college kids share one thing in common: they love free stuff.

Gifts for college boys don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Whether your son, partner, or friend is roughing it with the bare minimum or has graduated from ramen to burgers or pizza, practical gifts can give their dorm a much-needed upgrade. Or, custom tapestries to decorate their walls can help make them feel more at home. You can even upgrade their wardrobe from the same three shirts with a funny tee so they have something else to wear between infrequent laundry trips.

It doesn't have to be Christmas to get your college dude a present, a gift is always appreciated whether it's their birthday, graduation, or care package – and we’ve found some he's sure to appreciate.

33 Of The Perfect Gifts for Your College Boy

If your loved one is living the college life, check out our picks for some of the best gifts for college boys... that aren’t alcohol or fast food.

The Art Of University T-Shirt 


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by Rix | 28 colors

Who has money for real meals when you have to pay for books, gas, and a dozen other things? Ramen, though? Quick, easy, and affordable, so the longer he’s in college, the more of it he’ll eat (along with other junk food), per this cheeky tee’s straightforward graph.

Gamer University Hoodie 


Hoodie | TeePublic | by Tekate | 6 colors

Are college dorms particularly spacious? No, absolutely not. But has that stopped him from bringing his preferred gaming console with him? Also no. He’s made it work. And he still manages to keep his grades up despite spending all night online which raises the question, is this a gamer university?

The Best 7 Years Of My Life T-Shirt 


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by voidea | 28 colors

Listen, just because they call it a four-year degree doesn’t mean everyone can achieve it in that timeframe. It’s becoming increasingly common for students to take 6 or more years to finish a degree, so this playful tee is lighthearted and spot-on at the same time, eliminating the social stigma.

Pong Crewneck Sweatshirt


Sweatshirt | TeePublic | by ericb | 8 colors

Years of underage drinking at college parties have prepared him for this moment, the final shot that wins his team the game. He doesn’t like to brag about it, but he’s pretty much a beer pong champion, and this simple wordless sweatshirt lets everyone know he’s ready to play.

Perhaps It Is The File Which Exists, And You That Does Not Sticker


Sticker | TeePublic | by DankFutura

Every college student is familiar with the panic of being unable to find an important file or getting an error message stating that a file doesn’t exist. Sometimes humor is the only solution to anxiety, so this humorous nihilistic laptop sticker seems like just what he needs.

Senior 2024 T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by Everything Prints | 20 colors

Shopping for a graduating senior? No matter how long it took, we’re sure you’re incredibly proud of his accomplishment and can’t wait to celebrate with him. As he looks back fondly on all the memories he’s made in college, this trendy tee will help commemorate his final year. 

Beer Pong T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by bennyd302 | 21 colors

Traditionally, beer pong involves throwing a ping pong ball into cups of beer, right? Not in this reimagined design featuring cans of beer playing ping pong. We can’t think of anything more perfect for a punny college student or any beer-pong enthusiast to wear to the next party he attends.

F.B.I. Female Body Inspector T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by DavesTees | 27 colors

We’re sure he’s respectful of women, but in his teen years, he definitely joked about what F.B.I. actually stands for. Whether he’s getting a degree in criminal justice or something else entirely, this ridiculous ‘Female Body Inspector’ tee will earn lots of laughs among his friends.

Chaotic Neutral Alignment Tapestry 


Tapestry | TeePublic | by Shadowisper

Some guys have sports, some guys have frats, and some have gaming clubs. Dungeons & Dragons isn’t his whole personality, but it is his favorite thing to talk about and sessions do take up a lot of his free time. With this playful tapestry, he can display his alignment with pride.

Knock Knock Joe Mama Sticker 


Sticker | TeePublic | by zaiynabhw

“Your mom” and “Joe Mama” jokes are the pinnacle of teenage boy humor. Think we’re wrong? Go talk to a college kid and come back, we’ll wait. This text message-styled sticker makes his sense of humor known and lets him laugh whenever he grabs his laptop.

Laundry Day T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by Madblossom | 28 colors

Raise your hand if you’ve ever put off doing laundry until it was absolutely necessary. Now put yourselves in the shoes of a college student. Did you cringe a little? At least with this designated laundry day tee, he’ll always have one clean shirt…right?

Study Definition Hoodie 


Hoodie | TeePublic | by washboard | 6 colors

Focus? What’s that? Anyone in the newer generations knows that studying involves multiple external stimuli, whether that’s music, a TV show for background noise, or something else – but those can quickly become distractions. Poke a little fun at his nonexistent attention span with this cozy hoodie.

Drunken State University Tapestry


Tapestry | TeePublic | by eBrushDesign

He knows better than to show up to class drunk, but that doesn’t mean he won’t rock up to a 9am class hungover. Partying is for the weekends, and that’s when he considers himself a student of Drunken State University as he quenches his thirst for knowledge – and beer.

Beer O'Clock T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by ericb | 23 colors

Ok, so maybe he’s a bit of a partier, but as long as he’s still getting his work done and going to class, is it really a problem? As soon as his last Friday class is finished, it’s beer o’clock and the party can start – once he submits that essay.

Fraternity Pledge IMA EETA PI T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by DesignTrap | 21 colors

Frat life isn’t for everyone, and we get that, but Greek organizations do have some pretty fun shirts. If we didn’t know better, we’d totally believe that “IMA EETA PI” is real, so this pizza-pun tee is perfect for the guy who loves parties but only commits to carbs, thanks.

Liberty Equality Fraternity Tapestry


Tapestry | TeePublic | by vladocar

There’s no way to know what fraternity he’s going to end up rushing or where he’ll become a pledge, but you can still offer your support. Plus, any history buff will love seeing the motto of the French Revolution on this sleek tapestry when he comes home from a formal.

Shark Tracking Voyage Bracelet


Bracelet | Fahlo | 11 colors

Everyone has a favorite animal, and his happens to be sharks. That said, symbolically adopting a shark can get pricey, and you don’t even get to know much about them. With this neutral-toned bracelet, he gets a casually cool accessory and his own shark to track.

Beef Jerky Sampler Box


Sampler Gift Box | People's Choice Beef Jerky  

While students can choose their own schedules, that doesn’t always equal a lot of free time. When he’s got back-to-back classes, he doesn’t have time to run to the dining hall, but he can snack on a new flavor of beef jerky while he walks to his next class.

Little College Comforts Care Package


Care Package | Spoonful of Comfort 

Whether he’s willing to admit to it or not, being away from home is hard sometimes. Want to remind him how much he’s loved (and also feed his sweet tooth)? This thoughtful care package includes sweet treats, a puzzle, a college survival guide, and a reminder to call home.

Recipes Every College Student Should Know Book


Book | Barnes & Noble® | by Christine Nelson | 2 formats

Ask a college student what meals he can cook besides ramen, and we’ll bet he can list only a handful of other things. While his resources may be limited if he lives in student housing, this clever cookbook accounts for that and offers a wealth of new, healthy recipes.

Frameless Magnetic Dry Erase Monthly Calendar Board


Dry Erase Calendar | Target | by U Brands 

While planners are a very useful tool, it’s easy to forget about one when it’s not in his line of sight. On the other hand, he can write down all of his assignments and exams for the month (per course syllabi) on a dry-erase calendar that’s always above his desk

Philadelphia Eagles Bear


Stuffed Animal | Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc.

Do you know a guy who’s still holding onto that miracle year when Nick Foles led the Eagles to a Super Bowl win? Let him relive his glory days with this Philadelphia Eagles-inspired bear that shows off his allegiance and gives him something to hug if they lose.

The Quencher H2.0 FlowState™ 40 oz Tumbler


Tumbler | Stanley | 12 colors 

With how much some college students drink, it’s important for them to stay hydrated. While he could carry around a gallon of water, that’s bulky and won’t fit in a cup holder. This durable tumbler holds almost all the water he needs for the day – and keeps it cold for hours.

The Naval Diplomacy Box


Grooming Kit | Duke Cannon 

There’s no other way to put it, college boys are stinky. Whether they’re athletes or not, college students (and their rooms) have a boyish smell. With a masculine grooming kit that fits in his shower caddy, he can go from foul to fresh with just soap, body wash, and deodorant. 

20pc Plastic Dinnerware Set


Dinnerware Set | Target | by Room Essentials™ | 4 colors 

Chances are the dining hall doesn’t always have the best options, and we imagine it’s an absolute nightmare during finals week. When he’d rather cook with his microwave and eat in his room, this plastic dinnerware set has everything he needs – and enough for five days.

Winter Wonders Flameless Candles


Flameless Candles | Pokémon

Candles are a big no-no in dorms because of the fire hazard they pose, but a guy still wants to make a good impression when he brings someone back to his room. These fun flameless candles are fire-safe, set the mood, and share his interests with their subtle Pokémon designs.

BOSNÄS Storage Ottoman


Ottoman | IKEA

Whether he has an apartment-style dorm or shares a room, space is limited when you’re a college student so he’ll want to make the most of it. His furniture is likely just his desk, chair, and bed, but this functional ottoman serves as extra seating and offers storage space, too. 

Over The Door Mini LED Scoring Basketball Hoop


Mini Basketball Hoop | Walmart | by Franklin

When he finally has a break from studying and writing papers, he just wants to have a little fun – that doesn’t involve staring at a screen for hours on end. With LED lighting, this cool mini over-the-door basketball hoop lets him (mostly) quietly practice his free throws before bed.

Memory Foam Reading Pillow 


Pillow | Amazon | by cooloo8 | 3 sizes 

Dorm desk chairs? Stiff and uncomfortable. A college student’s bed is easily his preferred place to sit, whether he’s reading, working, or gaming. But even that isn’t great for his posture unless he’s got a cozy reading pillow to offer support and help relax his body and mind.

The Muscle Duffle Personalized Bag with Monogram 


Duffle Bag | Groovy Guy Gifts 

A sports duffle is fine for carrying athletic equipment and casual visits home, but he needs something more mature to travel with as he’s getting older. This versatile duffle with his name or initials embroidered across it works for any occasion and is durable enough to last a lifetime. 

Wheeled Plastic Hamper


Laundry Hamper | Walmart | by Sterilite

If he’s lucky, there’s a laundry room somewhere in his building with a dozen washers and dryers. If he’s unlucky, it’s in another building entirely. Regardless, nobody wants to cry a full laundry basket back and forth so this smooth, sturdy hamper with wheels is clearly the ideal choice.

Personalized Wooden Docking Station


Desk Organizer | Etsy | by HeroWoodStand | 3 colors 

Getting locked out of your dorm is not a fun experience, but it is an avoidable one. As he’s patting down his pockets before he leaves his room, he’ll likely forget something – but this premium personalized docking station keeps everything he needs all in one place.

Dark Matter Astronaut Space Pen 


Pen | Fisher Space Pen Co. | 14 ink color options 

Every college student deserves to have at least one nice pen, and what’s better (and cooler) than a pen that can write in zero gravity, underwater, and in extreme temperatures? Nothing, which is why this durable space pen is the perfect gift that will impress everyone he knows.

Gifts for College Boys: From Funny to Punny to Practical

Everyone loves a thoughtful gift – especially guys who don’t usually get them. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, anniversary, or move-in day, helping your college boy upgrade his minimalistic lifestyle at school can help make sure he’s taken care of and focusing on his studies.

No matter what your college kid needs, we’ve got a recommendation that’ll spruce things up and make him smile. From shirts to wall decorations to miscellaneous home supplies he probably forgot, you can’t go wrong with any of our top gifts for college guys.

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