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How Can I Make Passive Income on TeePublic?


Once upon a time, I wanted to make a little extra money on the side so I began teaching the SAT to high school students. I’ve given my opinions in exchange for money, and I’ve even looked into becoming a dog walker just to make some pocket change.

If this sounds like you, too, you probably already know two things: 1) that the #hustleisreal and 2) that there are plenty of ways to make extra money in your spare time. Some of these solutions require almost no time, and some of them require a lot of time, effort, and talent.

In your research to make a little extra beer money (shout out r/beermoney), you may not have considered TeePublic as an option--but with some skill and time, you can add this to your repertoire!

In this entry, we'll go over what passive income is, why TeePublic could be a good option for you, and how to make passive income on TP. We'll also go over some suggested best practices and caveats (because you want to know what you're getting into before you get started, right?)

What is Passive Income?

Passive Income” (sometimes also referred to as “residual income,” though these terms are slightly different) is a term describing work that pays you earnings after the work is complete. Because this is a bit of a loose, umbrella term, it’s obvious to see that there are lots of types of work that fit into this category: anything from writing a book to renting out a second home to creating an app.

Those ways of making passive income can be incredible if you have the means and ability to own a house to rent or the skills to build and launch your own app.

Why Try TeePublic?

Conversely, if you have a little skill, a passion for trying new things, and interest in getting to know people from all over the world, TeePublic might be a fit for you to make some passive income.

Here are just a few reasons why TeePublic can be a great, no-cost, low-risk option for you to make passive income:

  • No up-front costs
    You don't have to buy products on which to print your goods; everything is printed when a fan purchases it.
  • No storage
    Your store is completely digital, and your printed products ship directly from one of our eight unique vendors.
  • Quick Iteration
    Because you don't have to hold stock, you can experiment as much as you want, with no risk. This can be a huge benefit to designers who are just starting out--you literally can't make a mistake because it costs nothing to set up your shop and upload to it. For new and experienced designers alike, build your confidence by relying on the feedback from your audience instead of designing in a vacuum!
  • Variety of SKUs
    To that point, you might discover that your audience loves a product that you never imagined them liking, like tapestries, for example. With no monetary cost holding you back, you're free to try all of the products we offer and give your audience a variety!

How to Make Passive Income on TeePublic

Sound good so far? We’re glad to hear it :)

You can get your shop started in 5 minutes or less (seriously!) and get on your way to making some passive profit in three easy steps:

  1. Sign up!

  2. Upload some of your designs (Don’t forget to make your titles and descriptions great.) Once you submit your uploads, you’re ready to start selling!

  3. Share your new store link on every social platform you have (be sure to post about it in your Instagram bio, too!)

Depending on how much time you want to spend on your TeePublic shop, we suggest telling your audience about your store and telling them frequently because it takes just a few minutes and can net you a lot of profit if you make a design that everyone loves.

To that end, we have tons of tips for you if you want to put a little effort into your shop; just check out past entries on this blog for more :)


Some Caveats

A caveat here, as pointed out by Lifehacker: Your passive income efforts can quickly backslide into active income (and turn into a second job) if you're not careful.

If you’re hoping to keep your TeePublic shop as a side-hustle only, we’d suggest writing down your goals, so that you can hold yourself accountable if you begin to notice you’re spending all of your waking hours working on your TeePublic.

At the same time, finding out that your TeePublic shop is taking up your free time could be something special--it could actually mean that you’ve got a passion for design that you never knew you had before!


No matter how you approach the “passive income” game, we hope you’ve learned a bit today and are ready to enact some of these tips in your own life.

Can’t wait to get started? Sign up today!


P.S. Folks from the US! The IRS officially recognizes two kinds of passive income; check out their definitions if you’ve got questions.

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