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How Marketing is Handled on TeePublic


Have you ever wondered how marketing is handled on TeePublic? Well, look no further–we have the answer!

TeePublic invests in marketing the work of Artisans using dynamically generated ads across Google, Facebook, and other platforms. The platforms show designs to people who are most likely to buy them based on other products they've browsed or purchased on TeePublic or on other sites. To more efficiently target your prospective customers, we're not showing targeted ads to sellers on TeePublic, so even if you’re not seeing the ads, rest assured that we are actively advertising to gain you new customers. We also feature artists, their designs, and their storefronts in email, SMS, and onsite communications. We only succeed when the artists on our marketplace do, and based on extensive testing, we’re confident this is the best way to spend our advertising resources.

Here is what a dynamically generated ad may look like:

Cat - Off To Wreak Havoc by Hillary White Rabbit

To get the most out of this, marketing your own storefront can be an even more effective way to bring attention to your designs, and complement the marketing that we do in-house! As the artist, you know best who would like your work and your social profiles already have a built-in following who love your designs. The more people who know about and are visiting your storefront also means higher search rankings–it’s a win-win all-around! We've found that artists who share their store links earn 13x more than those who don't, regardless of their social following size! 

One great way to maximize your chances of success while self-promoting is to utilize social sharing. Link to your TeePublic store on your website or social media accounts, and try to promote your storefront, and individual designs, on all of your social channels often (we recommend at least once per month during our site-wide sales). 

 Here are some ideas to get started on building your brand.

That just about covers it! If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]! We're more than happy to help :) 


Happy selling!

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