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Instagram Self Promotion Blog Series


Hey y'all! 👋

It’s the community team again, with an Instagram update. As you know, Instagram changes all the time and we thought we would put some information together about some of these changes to help you guys out and make self promotion a little bit easier. We have a 6 part blog series focusing on some tips and tricks to help you all navigate through the trickyness of Instagram!

Don’t think promoting your TeePublic store front on Instagram is a sure fire way to increase your sales? Well, we actually did the math and found out that artists who promoted their TeePublic store front on their Instagram grid or story earned an average of 10x more than those who did not, and artists who included a link to their TeePublic store front in their Instagram bio made 30% more overall than those who did not. 

We have also linked all the other blog posts we made about social media promotion at the bottom of this article so you only have to bookmark one page. So bookmark this page!!!

Here are the six new articles!





Fun Things to do With Your Followers

Further Learning Resources

Here are the other blog posts we already have about social media promotion. 

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Holiday Highlight With Artist von Kowen

Holiday Highlight With Artist The Peach Fuzz

Holiday Highlight With Artist Scott Connick

Holiday Highlight With Artist Ed Vill  

How to Share Your Designs on Social Media

Promoting Your Store on Social Media

Promoting your store on Instagram

Quick Holiday Copy for Sharing on Social Media

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Social Media 101: Get to Know Twitter

Social Media 101: Get to Know Instagram

Social Media 101: Get to Know Facebook

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Social Media Tidbit: All About #Hashtags (Instagram)

What's the deal with FB BOOSTS?

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