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Resources for New Designers


You’ve created your account and uploaded your first design, yay! Now what?

Make sure you have these bases covered while setting up shop on TeePublic:

  1. Upload More Designs

Our research has found that artists who upload 25 or more designs in their first month average 5x better sales than those with fewer. You have three different options to make uploading your designs a breeze:

  • Single-File Uploader: Upload 1 design at a time using our quick and simple single-file uploader.
  • Multi-File Uploader: Use the multi-file uploader to upload multiple designs at a time. 

  • Copy Tool: Use the Copy tool to copy settings for uploads using similar scale + placement, enabled products, product colors, descriptions, and tags.

  1. Add a Payment ID

You’re here to get paid, right? Make sure you add a payment method and ID in your Account Settings for us to send your payments before you start making your first sales. You can only change it three times so make sure you enter it correctly the first time! Learn more about getting paid here

  1. Know When and How Much You’re Getting Paid

Earnings are paid out on the 15th of every month by 11:59 PM (EST) for all sales made during the previous calendar month. If you have not received your payment by the 16th of the month, notify us at [email protected] (please do not email us regarding missing payment before the 16th). Live in a different time zone? Stay up-to-date with what day/time it is in New York (EST):

While the Estimated Earnings Tracker in your Account Settings is pretty, it is not the most up-to-date source for how much you are earning. Make sure you are checking your Earnings Report to calculate how much you should expect to receive each month. Click “Download Earnings Report” at the bottom of your Account Settings to receive an email with a report that is updated in real-time and accounts for any canceled orders (which the Estimated Earnings tracker does not).

  1. How we Market Your Designs

TeePublic uses dynamically generated ads across Google, Facebook, and other platforms. The platforms show designs to people who are most likely to buy them, based on other products they've browsed or purchased on TeePublic or on other sites. We also feature artists, their designs, and their storefronts in email, SMS, and onsite communications.

  1. Promoting Your Shop

We've found that artists who share their store links on their social media profiles earn 13x more than those who don't (regardless of their social following size)! The more people who know about and are visiting your storefront also means higher search rankings. On top of that, according to Linktree’s 2023 Creator Report, “the first three links have an average of 130% higher click-through-rates than the bottom seven." Consider adding your store link to the top of your links to boost traffic to your shop and watch the sales flow in!

Further Resources:

If you have outstanding questions about being an artist on TeePublic and your storefront, it’s likely you will find answers in one of the resources below:

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