Social Media Tidbit: Self-Promotion - IT WORKS!


Hey Friends!

We are always trying to highlight how important it is for you to self-promote online, and drive traffic to your storefront through social media platforms! We figured, instead of just suggesting it, it would be helpful to put this all into context and show you why it matters.

Based on our Google Analytics we found that last week (04/05 - 04/12) organic social media generated over $63K in revenue. To really drive this home - that's all in just 7 days, no paid promotion, no other sources of promotion, just you guys directing customers to your storefronts.

Most of this data is "(not set)" which means it is not tracked by UTM links and campaigns. We don't have a way of discerning who specifically this was coming from, but do know it wasn't largely our doing. You should be proud of yourselves, and should feel a fire to share more now than ever!

Interested in UTM links? Learn more about how to create and track those in Google Analytics. This basically assigns a term to your traffic, that then allows you track customer engagements at a more granular level. For example, we have different UTMs for different platforms and strategies of promotion. To take this example a step further - we post featured artists on FB under a different UTM than regular FB posts.

Facebook is the best place to share, and so is Pinterest as these are not only the most shopped platforms, but also allow you to add a link (as opposed to Instagram). Twitter also generates sales, again you can add a clickable link, but with how quickly the conversations update on Twitter it might feel a bit fast moving and overwhelming to stay relevant. If you are yearning to make your Instagram more shoppable then we suggest adding some sort of link in bio feature. We use Linkin.Bio by Later, and although this is paid they have several levels of membership and we are LOVING it! If you have a business account with "swipe up" features, you already know what to do!

We did some digging into Instagram performance and what we learned was that designers who made posts (not just stories) on their IG grids made more sales within their first 2 weeks on the site (REGARDLESS of their follower size), than those who did no IG feed promotion. Based on the numbers we found, those who posted made 13X more than those who did not! That's a lot, and if you aren't already self-promoting this way then get to it!

All in all, we challenge you guys to ramp up your social media sharing, let's see if everyone promoting on socials can generate more sales for you all!

Stay healthy, stay safe, and share your work!



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