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What do you think of TeePublic's Quality?


Since so many of you have found success on the TeePublic platform, we wanted to share tips and tricks regarding what you may have done to get there, and what you do to keep growing your business. With that, today's testimonial concerns this question:

What do you think about TeePublic's Quality?* 

Design Fidelity

"I can only speak for t-shirts, but I love what I have ordered and will definitely order more. My greatest concern when selling from a print on demand site like TeePublic, is how my art will look. Good quality shirts with good quality printing makes my artist heart happy."



"The shirt quality is very good. I love the soft cotton. The details of my art transfer well in the final printing. The site is easy to use and provides just the right amount of anonymity for the artists."



"TeePublic has fantastic quality prints! I've had nothing but happy customers who've bought my prints. Each and every one looks amazing."

- IamKiDSiD

Print Longevity

"TeePublic has quality prints that last through several loads in the laundry without cracking. I wear my tees every week and they still look brand new."

- miew711


"I have bought several shirts from this site. Each has been washed over a dozen times and have only barely begun to fade."


Tee Sturdiness

"The shirts are incredible. And the designs look great on them. I returned shirts from other sites due to poor quality."



"...Top-quality, soft/durable shirts, and I haven't had any of the prints fade yet. I have one shirt that is about two years old, looks nearly brand new with heavy wear."


Tee Fit

"I really like the quality of the merch TeePublic is producing. Apparel has a great fit to it without being transparently thin."



"TeePublic's shirts are of great quality. I love the fit."


Other Products

"It's been great so far! And I have t-shirts, hoodies, tanks, and a travel mug, so it's pretty solid across the board. ;)"

- jayMariah

These artists have been satisfied with the overall quality, and we hope that you will be, too. We're always glad to receive feedback on what we do well and how we can improve. For more information, click here for a background on the products that you can offer in your storefront.

Do you have similar dreams of starting your t-shirt business?  Check out our next installments of Testimonial Tuesday to find out how artists like them make it work.

And if you're new to designing for tees, and this sounds like something you'd like to try, we'd love to have you!


*These responses have been lightly edited for clarity.

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