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Why Should You Try Two or More Print-on-Demand Marketplaces?


You’ve already got a great shop...

Say you already have a print-on-demand store on another marketplace, and you love it. Since opening up shop a few months (or years!) ago, you’ve found that it consistently has the products you want to offer, prints of high-quality, good customer service, and it even ships to your fans all across the globe. That’s awesome! So glad that you’re getting what you need out of your store.

...But you’re missing out!

But if you’ve been in the print-on-demand space in any capacity, you know you have options when it comes to marketplaces. In fact, having just one shop on one marketplace means a missed opportunity. After all, each marketplace caters to different audiences.

So why choose?

Get another store, get more fans

Having your work on two or more print-on-demand marketplaces doubles your chances of selling while exposing your work to an entirely new audience to whom your work is entirely original and fresh.

The long and short of it is: Your brand could be gaining more fans, faster.

Sound complicated to set up another shop? It isn’t. If you choose to go with TeePublic, for example, it takes just five minutes to start selling.

But before you jump in, you’ll probably want to consider the effects of opening a second shop--like what your fans will think when you get another shop and whether the marketplace will allow you to share your art with others.

Our quick list of what to look for when opening a second shop:

  • Non-exclusivity clause
    Make sure the marketplace you sign up with allows you to post your art elsewhere; that’s the whole point!
  • New/different products
    Some artists choose to use their storefronts for different purposes. If you’re that way, too, do a little research: Does this marketplace offer a product not offered elsewhere? Or do they offer variants of what you already offer?
  • Lots of shipping options
    Can this marketplace send your art to your fans all across the globe? An international reach is important
  • Solid social presence
    This might be obvious, but you’ll want to join a marketplace that cares about its artists. Check out their socials; what are they posting? Are they posting about themselves, or are they highlighting artists?
  • Helpful community
    Related to the point above, learning from others is the single best way to develop your art and your business. Does the marketplace offer a community of like-minded artists whom you can contact?

Whatever you decide, we hope that this information rounds out your understanding of the print-on-demand landscape and helps you make more informed decisions in the future. 

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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

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