The 27 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teachers (to Show Appreciation)

Chris Rausch

If your kids are in school, teachers collectively will spend the second most time with your children, after your immediate family. These "second parents" are not only teachers, but are often role models, educators, and caring guardians who help your child learn and grow. All of this while giving biological parents time to work, run errands, and take well-earned time off from caring for them when they’re at school.

Valentine’s Day isn’t normally a teacher-focused holiday, but it’s not unusual for younger students to “love” their teachers and want to show their appreciation. While you wouldn’t get the same type of cute or funny Valentine’s gifts you’d get for a partner, you can still have fun when showing your gratitude to your kid's educator. Plus, if your runt has a habit of becoming a little monster, you can apologize to their teachers with a thoughtful teacher Valentine's gift that shows that you totally get it (and you're exhausted, too).

27 Thoughtful Teacher Valentine’s Day Gifts

Giving gifts to teachers is never expected, but they’re certain to appreciate it. You can give them a variety of gifts, including clothing, desk accessories, classroom accessories, personal items, candy, or any other low-cost and personal token of your and your child’s appreciation. We’ve put together a list of 27 Valentine’s Day gifts for teachers that are sure to earn some brownie points.

I Don't Need a Valentine I Have a Classroom Full of Them T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by mcoshop | 5 colors

Whether she’s newly single or has been for a while, she’s content with her relationship status. Besides, who needs a man when you’ve got 20-something kindergarteners who look at you like you hung the moon? They’re her (platonic) valentines this year, and she doesn’t mind one bit. 

Cupid's Favorite Teacher T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by WaBastian | 28 colors

Your partner maintains that he must be Cupid’s favorite to have your love in his life, and this sweet t-shirt adds his job title to his preferred superlative. Whether he wears it to work or at home, we think it’s perfect for a relaxed Valentine’s Day date night.

My Class Is Full Of Sweet Hearts T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by Vicenta Aryl | 21 colors

We all know kids can be absolute gremlins sometimes, but luckily, your son and his classmates are well-behaved… most of the time. But, really, they’re total sweethearts, and if their teacher sees that in them, they’ll love this endearing t-shirt. For added sweetness, maybe throw in some Sweetheart candy, too. 

Special Education Teacher Accept Adapt Advocate T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by HannessyRin | 28 colors

Special Education teachers are more than just educators. They’re also advocates who work to create an inclusive community for their students with lesson plans tailored to meet their needs. For the teacher in your life who prioritizes accessibility, inclusion, equity, and equality, this warmhearted candy heart design is perfect.

Heart Reading Valentine's Day T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by CellarMeiChip | 28 colors

Any librarian or teacher will tell you that reading is fundamental, and they’re right. Is there a special teacher who has encouraged your child’s interest in reading? If so, consider gifting them this cute heart-covered tee as a token of your appreciation this Valentine’s Day. 

One Loved Teacher T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by Satic | 23 colors

Whether you’re an administrator, parent, or fellow teacher, you know that there’s one teacher that all of the students love – and what better day than Valentine’s Day to make that love known? This subtly glittery tee that proclaims its wearer as ‘one loved teacher’ will surely be a hit.

Teacher Valentine’s Paper Clip & Heart Letters T-Shirt 


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by jackofdreams22 | 12 colors

If you ever need a paperclip, pushpin, or pencil, you know to ask a teacher. Their desk is a treasure trove of office supplies. This clever design combines hearts, paper clips, and letters to read the title “Teacher” in a cute Valentine's-themed style that’s perfect for anyone. 

Retro Valentine's Day Teacher T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by SalhiShop | 28 colors

Valentine’s Day puns are cute and all, but some teachers prefer holiday attire that’s a little more basic. But basic doesn’t have to be boring. This cute, retro-style t-shirt features the word ‘teacher’ in an assortment of colors and patterns that are perfect for a classroom party.

My Students Have A Pizza My Heart T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by trendcrafters | 28 colors

We firmly believe that Pizza Day is always the best day in the cafeteria, and so does your favorite teacher. He probably loves pizza almost as much as he loves teaching if we had to wager a bet. Combine his two loves with this cheesy, punny Valentine’s Day tee.

Teacher Positive Affirmations Candy Hearts T-Shirt 


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by artbooming | 8 colors

Positive affirmations in the classroom have been proven to be beneficial to children’s mental health and improve their grades, but your teacher already knew that. She teaches affirmations daily, and this sweet t-shirt features all of her favorites to remind the kids of their value. 

Chaos Coordinator Valentine’s Mug


Mug | TeePublic | by AimArtStudio

Teaching requires a high level of patience and empathy, especially when working with younger kids. Thankfully, coffee and energy drinks keep them sane, but that doesn’t stop students from bouncing off the walls. Keeping a calm classroom is a feat, so they’ve more than earned this ‘Professional Chaos Coordinator’ custom mug.

#teacherlife Valentine Heart Pencils Art Print


Art Print | TeePublic | by LizaArtist

Unless you know a teacher on a personal level, they’re hard to shop for. Based on her classroom decorations, you do know your kid’s teacher takes pride in her job. We think this chic Valentine’s art print with heart-covered pencils would look great on her wall.  

Will Trade Students For Chocolate T-Shirt


T-Shirt | TeePublic | by NIKA13 | 14 colors

At this point in the school year, you’d like to think you know your child’s teacher fairly well, and you know they have an insatiable sweet tooth. While the kids exchange valentines, they’ll be supervising candy-less, but this playful tee shares their thoughts – though they wouldn’t actually trade a student.

How Sweet It Is To Be Taught By You Sticker


Sticker | TeePublic | by Apprentice

Maybe it’s just us, but whenever we hear James Taylor’s cover of “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You),” we always think of Valentine’s Day. Whether the song is a classroom favorite or not, this sweet sticker offers a more teacher-appropriate version that we’re sure they’ll love. 

Teach Your Heart Out Sweatshirt


Sweatshirt | Redbubble | by AfricanLegacies | 6 colors 

Teaching takes heart, and it’s not for everyone. Luckily for you, the teacher in your or your child’s life has what it takes – compassion, empathy, patience, and a passion for sharing knowledge. As you celebrate Valentine’s Day, encourage them to keep teaching with this cozy ‘Teach Your Heart Out’ crewneck sweatshirt.

Love Art Teacher T-Shirt


T-Shirt | Zazzle | by NickolasAccelerate | 17 colors 

Art teachers inspire, encourage, and cultivate creativity amongst their students, and arguably allow for the most exploration of one’s voice and style. This loving tee featuring the word “love” in big letters with a paint palette is the perfect Valentine’s gift for the teacher you admire most. 

Merci Valentine's Finest Assortment Of European Chocolates 7oz 


Gift Box | Target | by Merci

Gratitude is one of the best gifts you can give — after chocolate, of course. With this sweet box that offers your thanks on the lid, you can give your favorite teacher both and satiate their sweet tooth with a 16-piece assortment of milk and dark chocolates.

Valentine's Day Teacher Tumbler and Candy Gift Set


Tumbler | Walmart | by Way to Celebrate |  

The tradition of giving teachers apples has faded away over time, and as this sassy tumbler notes, teachers can’t live on apples alone. But there are other ways to show your appreciation on Valentine’s Day, and a tumbler filled with hard candy seems just as sweet a way as any. 

My Pre-School Cupids Will Steal Your Heart T-Shirt


T-Shirt | Redbubble | by kimmicsts | 19 colors

At pickup and drop-off, you’ve seen the rest of your child’s classmates, and the whole room is absolutely adorable. They’re a bunch of little cherubs! With that in mind, what’s a more accurate gift for their teacher than this tee claiming the little cupids will steal hearts? 

Teacher of Tiny Hearts Mug


Mug | Zazzle | by fitastic | 10 colors

While you’re teaching your daughter at home always to be kind, her teacher is reinforcing those same lessons in her classroom. Just like you, she wants to inspire and encourage compassion, so the “teacher of tiny hearts” title this pretty two-tone mug bestows upon her couldn't be more perfect. 

Heart Into Teaching Personalized Large Treat Bucket


Bucket | Personalization Mall | 6 colors

When it comes to teaching, some educators do the bare minimum. Others, however, give their students their all, putting their heart into teaching and working to ensure everyone understands. They’ve never left your child behind, so why not thank them with some treats in this thoughtfully personalized bucket?

Heart to Heart Gift Card


Gift Card | Vanilla Visa

More often than not lately, teachers are forced to buy classroom supplies with money from their own pockets, so their spending money isn’t really theirs to spend. Your child’s teacher does so much, they deserve a Valentine’s Day treat — and this cutesy gift card lets them make the choice. 

Valentine's Day Owl Teacher Gift Notepad


Notepad | Zazzle | by Designs by Tiffany Duffy  

When your child comes home from school with a note from their teacher, it’s hardly ever on custom stationery. Pretty paper is a simple pleasure and one they deserve for all their hard work. With a sketched owl holding a heart, this lovely personalized notepad is a great Valentine’s gift. 

It Takes a Big Heart to Shape Little Minds Tumbler Glass with Lid and Straw


Tumbler | Amazon | by GINGPROUS | 3 colors 

Teaching little ones takes heart, as this pretty tumbler states, but it also takes a lot of energy. Whatever her preferred caffeine source is, she needs it to survive a day of teaching.  While paper coffee cups are awful for the environment, she can use this glass forever.

Pencil Earrings for Teacher Valentine


Earrings | Etsy | by TillyTaliDesigns

If your favorite teacher loves what she does, she’ll adore these stylish pink pencil earrings. With little red hearts and pink stripes, they’re perfect for Valentine’s Day, and who doesn’t love holiday-themed accessories? Plus, they pair well with a passion for teaching and whatever outfit she has planned.

Terrific Teacher Book Buddies Wood Mini Bookmark + Pin Gift Set


Bookmark & Pin Set | Brave + Kind Bookshop | by Night Owl Paper Goods 

Despite what you may think, school librarians are teachers, too. Your school’s librarian has helped to foster a love of reading in your little one and improved their reading comprehension. If they’ve done a terrific job, let them know how you feel with this delightful bookmark and pin set.

Why You’re the Best Teacher Ever Fill in the Love® Book


Book | Knock Knock

Despite all that they do, teachers are vastly underappreciated, but there’s a simple way to let your kid’s favorite teacher know they’re loved. With this thoughtful book’s fill-in-the-blank prompts, you can fill in each page with heartfelt responses that he or she will cherish forever.

Share The Love With Our Teacher Valentine's Gifts

While you appreciate your kids’ teachers year-round, holidays like Valentine’s Day give you a chance to show it. You shouldn’t spend too much on your gift – and some schools may even limit how expensive of a gift a teacher can accept. Fortunately, all of our recommendations are affordable, thoughtful, and certain to bring a smile to their face. Plus, they all pair nicely with chocolates!

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