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Affiliate Tips: Why No One Wants Your Logo


Hey, we get it. 

Logos are great! They’re the heart of your brand, something you worked hard on to bring to life, the image that really says “This is you!” Logos are important for marketing, consistency, and branding so of course you’ll want it included with your merch. 

We won’t stop you, but we don’t want you to stop there either! Here’s why:

Logos are a funny thing when it comes to merch. Sometimes, if logos are more versatile we see higher sales related to logo designs. What makes a logo versatile? Logos that are mostly image-based instead of words and titles fall into this category. Logos that evoke or utilize certain artistic aesthetics also work. They may be a logo but they look a little less obvious and oftentimes more playful. They’re a design someone wants to wear not only because they love what it represents but also because they love how it looks.

Take for example:




Which would you want on a shirt? 

We can guarantee that your fans want your merch. Just as likely, only your super fans (probably 10-15% of the group) will also want your logo. And that’s okay! That’s why we encourage you to keep going after that initial upload. You and your work are more than just a logo; there are inside jokes, memorable quotes, images and phrases that are all prime to be merch-ified! 

Okay, that’s not a word but the feeling is there!

Look past your logo and into a whole world of different and still branded to you merch ideas. If you’re not sure where to start, no worries! The affiliate team is here to help. Shoot an email to your direct account manager or to [email protected] and we can get the conversation going!

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