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This is drawing of Hillary Clinton looking super pissed off that she lost to a cheeto. This drawing is 100% mine.

Tags: i-lost-to-a-cheeto, hillary-clinton-for-president-democrat-2016-bill-campaign-vote-politics-political-republican-elect-women-gifts-holiday-team, brand015, cheeto-puff, hillary-clinton-loose

Tags: hillaey, clinton, presidential-election, voting, elect

Tags: humor, us-election, election-2016, political-parody, presidential


==> Vintage and Distressed Design. In Russian and English for Donald J. Trump's best friend Vladamir Putin. ==> Grab this T-Shirt if Trump is not your president in 2016. Not My President, Not My President Shirt, Not My President T Shirt, Not My President Trump, Trump Not My President.

Tags: anti-trump, nevertheless, hillary-clinton-for-president-democrat-2016-bill-campaign-vote-politics-political-republican-elect-women-gifts-holiday-team, people-for-bernie, hillary-clinton


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Tags: funny, no-fear, the-first, first-purge, purge-3


Immortalize the words of the Presidential debate and wear it proud. Nasty woman voter and proud!

Tags: stranger-things, hillary-2016, hillary-clinton-for-president-democrat-2016-bill-campaign-vote-politics-political-republican-elect-women-gifts-holiday-team, hillary-clinton, progressive


Because we canĀ“t let this racist, hateful and madman be the president.

Tags: america, humor, political-parody, political-campaign, political-satire


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