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Hugin Crewneck Sweatshirts


Hugin and Munin. Thought and Memory.

Tags: vikings, viking-god, ornaments, ravens, nordic-mythology


Odin's ravens.

Tags: vikings, viking-god, norse-god, nordic, ornaments


Dragon's Head of Vikings Longboat

Tags: vikings, longboat, longship, dragon, norse


After a really wonderful D&D one shot game with a bunch of friends, i now have Vikings on the brain! this isnt a bad thing, as this Design came up today and i love it! If you like it, share with your friends on social media!

Tags: thor, dm, roleplay, dungeons, d20


Handdrawn sketch and digital illustration of a bird. Inspired by Odins ravens Hugin and Munin

Tags: bird, sketch, spatter, drips, animal

Raven Crewneck Sweatshirt

by Nicklas81

To comprehend the mystery of the runes, Odin brought himself in sacrifice, and nine days and nights hung on the trunk of Yggdrassil, nailed to it by his own spear Gungnir..

Tags: knotwork, gungnir, spear, raidho, branches


The raven have been an important symbol in pagan mythology in many parts of the world. In Norse mythology the two ravens, Hugin and Munin, where believed to part of Odin, the God of knowledge, war and death. Hugin and Munin would fly around the world and gather information and knowledge and they would also help the Valkyries to decide which fallen warriors that would be chosen to enter Valhalla. This was believed to be the reason why soldiers would see gatherings of ravens above battlefields.

Tags: raven, skull, bird, prey, death


High day of the winter solstice, Yule, has many names. One of them - Huginn's Yule or RAVEN'S FEAST.

Tags: night, winter, triquetra, celtic-spirals, celtic-knots


The ancient cosmic Yggdrasill, Sacred European Celtic heathen pagan Tree of Life, the Cosmic Axis Mundi.

Tags: world, illustration, art, spirit, knotwork


Design for the Nordic Mythology Collection. These are the Odin’s ravens, Hugin (though) and Munin (memory), that fly all over the Midgard and collect information for him.

Tags: mythology, nordic, viking, vikings, midgard


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