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Medellin Crewneck Sweatshirts


An elegant city street map of Medellín, Colombia in gold, with the exact coordinates of the city, make up this amazing art piece. A great gift for anybody that has love for this city. You can never go wrong with gold. I love my city.

Tags: living-room, home, pablo-escobar, colombia, map

Tags: nwa, straight-outta-compton, medellin, bojack-horseman, sense8

Tags: cocaine, cartel, colombia, medellin, pablo


Design inspired by the show Narcos

Tags: escobar, pablo-escobar, medellin, pabloescobar


Don't mess with Pablo Escobar.

Tags: pablo-escobar, medellin, plata-o-plomo

Tags: pabloescobar, medellin, atleticonacional, pablo-escobar, escobar

Tags: drugs, drug, pablo, escobar, pablo-escobar


Nose clams

Tags: pablo, pabloescobar, escobar, medellin, pablo-escobar

Tags: pabloescobar, medellin, pablo-escobar, escobar, pablo


A design of Pablo Escobar

Tags: medellin, el-chapo, cartel, narcos, pablo-escobar


Narcos Pablo Escobar

Tags: plata-o-plomo, escobar, medellin, pablo-escobar, narcos

Tags: plata-o-plomo, escobar, pablo-escobar, medellin, pabloescobar

Tags: narcos, pabloescobar, medellin, pablo-escobar, escobar

Tags: plata-o-plomo, atleticonacional, pablo-escobar, escobar, medellin


Pablo Escobar drowning in coke

Tags: cartel, medellin, pablo-escobar, narco-cartel, narcos


A Pablo Escobar Mug Shot.

Tags: netflix, pablo, escobar, cartel, pabloescobar

Tags: pablo-escobar, escobar, medellin, pabloescobar, plata-o-plomo


It's Pablo Escobar from the TV show Narcos.

Tags: netflix, crime, drugs, colombia, columbia


soft and pure baking powder, made in Medellin, Colombia. Note: May contain traces of silver or lead.

Tags: pabloescobar, medellin, pablo-escobar, escobar, atleticonacional

Tags: boobearstudio, rainforest, colombia, medellin, el-chapo


Plomo Plata Skullhead

Tags: plata-o-plomo, plata, pabloescobar, pablo-escobar, skullhead

Tags: follow-the-white-rabbit, white-rabbit, rabbit, escobar, pablo-escobar

Tags: netflix, student, varsity, college-humor, academy

Tags: narcos, medellin, pablo-escobar, lettering, hand-lettering


Coma Mierda!

Tags: show, series-tv, medellin, pabloescobar, pablo-escobar


Show your support for Colombia

Tags: colombian, colombian-flag, conmebol, copa-america, los-cafeteros

Colombia Crewneck Sweatshirt

by SeattleDesignCompany

Tags: plata-o-plomo, drugs, colombia, cartel, drug

Tags: pablo-escobar, netflix, medellin, cartel, narcos-merch

PABLO ESCOBAR Crewneck Sweatshirt

by lockdownmnl09

Tags: medellin, tv-show, drugs, cocaine, escobar


Pablo's Precious Anchor

Tags: pablo, pabloescobar, pablo-escobar, escobar, tv-shows


Yo soy Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria. Mis ojos están en todos lados. O sea ustedes no pueden hacer una puta sola mierda en el departamento de Antioquia sin que yo me entere. Un día yo voy a ser presidente de la República de Colombia. Y bien, me gano la vida haciendo negocios. Ustedes pueden aceptar mi negocio… o aceptar las consecuencias. Plata… o plomo.

Tags: pabloescobar, colombia, plata-o-plomo, narcos, cocaine

Pablo Escobar Crewneck Sweatshirt

by VicFreedomind

Tags: pablo-escobar, medellin, escobar, plata-o-plomo, cocaine


"Pablo Fett: fig. 1" digital mash-up combo of the Narco-terrorist Pablo Escobar & bounty hunter Boba Fett. Pablo Escobar was a Colombian drug lord who at one point supplied an estimated 80% of the cocaine smuggled into the United States at the height of his career, turning over an estimated $20 billion dollars a year in personal income. Boba Fett is one of the most feared and deadly bounty hunters in the galaxy.

Tags: boba, fett, boba-fett, bobafett, drugs


Not Sold in stores ! Buy Now ! View more styles below Choose gender and size then click on "Add to cart" 100% quality print. ALL SIZES !! Small to 5XL !!

Tags: cocaine, ochoa, pablo, chile, venezuela

Tags: el-chapo, pabloescobar, medellin, boobearstudio, watercolor


This is a digital illustration of former drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Tags: chapo, south-america, columbia, drug, drugs

Escobar Crewneck Sweatshirt

by steveashillustration1971

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