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Queequeg Crewneck Sweatshirts


If this little Pomeranian is your ideal pet... you despise crocs, and love this fur ball even when he could probably nibble on you for dinner, then you're set. Here's the t-shirt for your team.

Tags: queequeg, team-queequeg


If you have read Herman Melville's "Moby Dick", you know that Ishmael and Queequeg are way more than friends. Way more. So here they are, in loving embrace, in a "king of the world" kind of pose, on top of the White Whale itself.

Tags: moby-dick, whale, herman-melville, white, jectoons

Tags: the-xfiles, parody, mulder, scully, queequeg


a quote from gillian anderson at the calgary expo in 2013. a child asked her if she had a dog, and she responded with this. iconic.

Tags: xfiles, the-xfiles, the-x-files, tv-shows, i-want-to-believe


First there was the Conversation on the Rock

Tags: gillian-anderson, dana-scully, queequeg, the-x-files, fox-mulder


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