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Save Pandas Crewneck Sweatshirts


Great Save The Trash Pandas design, which everyone will like! Save The Trash Pandas is an excellent purchase for yourself, and for a gift to family and friends. Buy Save The Trash Pandas design art as a T-shirt, mug, sticker, pillow or any other thing right now!

Tags: animal-lover-gifts-funny, animal-love-panda, i-love-animals, trash-panda, save-pandas


Are pandas your spirit animal? If you love cute happy panda bears and want pandamonium in your life, always be yourself unless you can be a panda, then always be a panda. Save the pandas, life is better with a panda, they are adorable.This unique, cool, awesome, funny shirt makes the perfect birthday, christmas, or gift for any occasion.

Tags: happy, sarcastic, witty, vintage, retro

Tags: restoration-ecology, environmentally-friendly, environmental-awareness, recycle-symbol, carbon-footprint

Save The Humans Crewneck Sweatshirt

by swiftachilles10
$38 $30

There are about 1864 pandas left in the wild. This font was created by WWF Japan, and it's free to use on any design. Use this t-shirt to raise awareness of the extinction of mainly, but not only on pandas, but any other soon to become extinct species.

Tags: panda, pandas, wwf, save-pandas, panda-bear


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