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Stormlight Crewneck Sweatshirts


Lift and Wyndle in search of the best breakfast. In Brandon Sanderson's book, "Edgedancer," Lift goes to Yeddow in Tashikk to eat the 10 pancakes of the weeping. So, here's a nod to that book.

Tags: fantasy, funny, awesomeness, stormblest, brandon-sanderson


hoidthevoid on tumblr wanted to see this. I obliged. Merry Christmas!

Tags: brandon-sanderson, fantasy-series, epic-series, knights-radiant, archive


"The beast filled the chasm. Long and narrow, it wasn’t bulbous or bulky, like some small cremlings. It was sinuous, sleek, with that arrowlike face and sharp mandibles. It was also wrong. Wrong in a way difficult to describe. Big creatures were supposed to be slow and docile, like chulls. Yet this enormous beast moved with ease, its legs up on the sides of the chasm, holding it so that its body barely touched the ground. It ate the corpse of a fallen soldier, grasping the body in smaller claws by its mouth, then ripping it in half with a gruesome bite. That face was like something from a nightmare. Evil, powerful, almost intelligent." - Words of Radiance, Brandon Sanderson

Tags: stormlight, brandon, sanderson, chasm

Chasmfiend Crewneck Sweatshirt

by LordOfRappigs

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