• Ordering


    What are your Customer Service hours and how do I get in touch?
    Customer Service hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 10am-6pm EST. We’re available here , at support@teepublic.com or you can call (844) 233-5033. Our team will be more than happy to help you out!


    What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept most major credit cards, as well as Paypal (just make sure to fill out your billing and shipping addresses first). Please note, we can only accept one form of payment for each order.
    Can I use separate billing and shipping addresses?
    Yes! When you reach the checkout page under "Shipping Information" click the button marked "Ship to Different Address", enter the separate address information in the field boxes.
    My Paypal address is not up to date, did my shipping address change?
    Paypal does not automatically update the shipping address; whatever address you inputted during checkout on our site will be used.
    Why am I being charged Customs and Duties Fees?
    International orders may be subject to Customs duties/fees -- unfortunately this is a necessary evil of International trade. We recommend checking with your local laws regarding any taxes or fees you may have to pay once your order arrives. Your local postal service may also require a fee for completion of delivery and we sadly cannot control that (these fees are not included in your shipping charges). We also are not able to mark orders as gifts. We do not issue any refunds for Customs fees, shipping, or the cost of your order should you refuse to pay the Customs fees.
    Why was I charged more than I saw at checkout?
    As a US based company all of the prices on our site and email confirmations are displayed in US dollars. For International orders your currency will be converted automatically upon checkout. For questions about the specific day's exchange rate we recommend contacting your bank directly.
    When will my credit card be charged?
    Since your order goes into production the moment it is placed, we do charge your card the moment you confirm it at checkout. You will receive a confirmation email when your order is submitted.
    Why isn’t my order going through?
    Make sure your billing address matches your billing statement exactly! If you have tried checking out more than two times, your credit card company may block you from checking out on our site and you will need to contact them.
    Why isn’t my coupon code working?
    Make sure your coupon has not expired and that you're applying it to non-sale items only. If it still is not working, send us an email at support@teepublic.com with your coupon code and we'll take a look.
    What if I make a mistake in my order?
    Please visit our Change Order page! From there you can change your billing/shipping addresses and the colors/sizes of your garments!
    Why was I asked to show my ID or share my social media profile to place my purchase?
    For your protection we may ask for a copy of your ID or a link to your social media profile to verify the authenticity of your order. Once you have verified your order, you will not be asked again.


    What kind of shirts do you print on?
    We print on all kinds of shirts! You can learn more about certain items by going to their product page and clicking on the "Learn More" link. You can also check out our size charts at www.teepublic.com/sizechart.
    What is your printing technique?
    All TeePublic apparel is printed using a super high tech digital print technique called Direct to Garment printing. We have the best machines in the business (Kornit) and ensure an extremely high quality print. Every garment that leaves our printer is QC’d before being shipped to customers. We also color match and hand prepare each design before it goes to print.
    Do you offer male and female sizing?
    Most of our products we carry in both male and female sizing: for our classic t-shirt we offer male sizes S-5XL and female S-3XL. You can check out our size charts here.
    Why isn’t this showing Kids’ sizes?
    When viewing the product page, scroll down and you will see the caption, "Also Available As," with several icons underneath. Select the icon labeled ‘Kids’ and it will bring you to a new page where you can select the kid's size you need from the dropdown.
    Why isn’t this design available as a print/case/sticker/hoodie/kids/etc?
    This may be because either the file provided by the artist is not compatible with the style or it was their individual choice not to make it available. If there’s a design you’d like and it has limited product options just send us an email at support@teepublic.com and we'll do our best to assist.
    Can you print other colors, formats, or sizes of stickers for a specific design?
    We leave design choices such as sticker color, format, and size to our designers! The max print size for stickers is 3x4 inches, but the actual print size will vary based on the dimensions of the design and the choices of the designer.
    What size laptop case should I order?
    Our laptop cases are designed to be pretty true to size, but due to the thickness of the materials, the inner dimensions are slightly smaller. If you have an irregularly sized laptop, we recommend sizing up!
    How do I request a custom design?
    Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to accommodate requests to customize any designs. We can only print designs as they are shown on the site.
    Can you print on items that are not currently available for purchase on the site?
    Unfortunately, we're unable to print on anything that's not currently shown on the site. However, if you let us know what kind of items you're interested in we can pass that along to let our team know there's a demand.
    Can you change the color of the design?
    Since our designs are all personally created by artists, the original print cannot be changed or adjusted in any way.


    Is there anything special I should do?
    Turn garment inside out. Use cold water only. Use laundry detergent without bleach. Dry in dryer under normal settings. Expect about 5-7% (about a half a shirt size) shrinkage after normal wash for our cotton shirts. Wash cold, dry low. Wash colors separately from whites, especially on the first wash. Over time, you may experience slight fading on the graphic as your shirt naturally weathers with numerous washings.
    How can I keep my stickers looking nice and clean like on that magical day I first received them?
    We’re very proud of our stickers, and want to help you enjoy them for as long as possible! Our stickers are designed for a single application, and we recommend keeping them away from water and prolonged direct sunlight.


    What is your return/exchange policy?
    Items purchased on TeePublic are custom made and printed just for you. We cannot offer returns unless the item is defective. We do, however, offer exchanges for apparel sizing issues. Please send us an email at support@teepublic.com or through our contact page and we can set that up for you! If something you received is defective please contact us here with a picture of the damaged item.
    What are your domestic shipping options?
    • DHL 7-10 Business Days
    • DHL Expedited 6-8 Business Days
    • UPS 4-7 Business Days
    • UPS 3-5 Business Days

    Please note, all estimates include our print and processing period. Also, all DHL shipments will be transferred to and delivered by your local post office.
    Do you ship internationally and what are your shipping options?
    Yes - we ship to most countries on the planet! We offer:

    • DHL Budget 7-14 Business Days (no tracking)
    • DHL Plus 7-14 Business Days (partial tracking)
    • DHL Local Post 7-14 Business Days (full tracking -- this option is only in available for select countries)

    All orders will be transferred to and delivered by your local postal service.
    How much is shipping?
    Within the U.S. we offer several shipping options, typically starting around $6.99 for DHL Standard Shipping. Shipping rates vary depending on the weight and amount of products being ordered. To get an accurate price quote for shipping, please add the items you want to your cart and proceed to checkout, then select your shipping destination country from our drop-down menu.
    Where do your products ship from?
    Our apparel products will ship out of either Florida, Iowa, or Nevada. Stickers also ship from Iowa. Wall art ships from Wisconsin, while hard goods such as cases, notebooks and mugs will ship from Georgia.
    I just placed my order, how long until it ships?
    For many orders we have to meticulously prep artwork for our printer to get the best quality possible. Due to this and normal production time, it may take up to 3 business days from the time you placed your order until it ships from our facilities. If you have any questions about the progress of your order please visit our Order page or contact us at support@teepublic.com or (844) 233-5033.
    I made a mistake in my order, now what?
    We hold your order for two hours after it is placed to allow for any necessary changes to billing/shipping addresses or item sizes and colors! Please visit our Change Order page! If you need to make a change that cannot be made through this tool, you can also cancel your order there so that you can start from scratch!
    If it has been more than two hours since you placed your order or if you’d like to see if we can assist you without cancelling the order, please email us right away at support@teepublic.com with the email subject “Change Order” or call us at (844) 233-5033. If your order has already been printed and shipped, unfortunately changes cannot be made to it.
    I only received part of my order?
    Some products on the site will ship from different locations even though you've purchased them in the same order. All apparel products will ship together, however items like cases, prints, and any non-apparel items will ship separately. If you feel like something is missing - let us know at support@teepublic.com.
    Can I upgrade my shipping?
    While we can't upgrade the shipping method directly, we may be able to cancel and refund your order if it hasn’t printed yet - this way you can replace it with your preferred shipping method. If you’d like to cancel your order, please let us know ASAP by either visiting our Change Order page, or by contacting us at support@teepublic.com (please include "CHANGE ORDER" as the subject) or at (844) 233-5033. We’ll do our best to accommodate your needs, unfortunately if your order has already shipped it is not possible for us to upgrade it.
    Does Teepublic ship to military addresses?
    Yes, but only through USPS by way of DHL - unfortunately UPS cannot deliver to military addresses.
    I have not received my order yet, now what?
    You can track your order by clicking on the tracking link provided in your shipping confirmation email, if available. If you checked out using one of our DHL ship methods you should be able to track it at this link or if you used our UPS ship method, here. If you did not receive a tracking number, selected a shipping method without tracking, or have any other questions - feel free to e-mail us at support@teepublic.com.
    Will I be alerted once my order prints and ships?
    Yup, you will receive a shipping confirmation email from us once it leaves our warehouse. If you have any issues please contact support@teepublic.com or call us at (844) 233-5033.
    Where's my refund?
    PayPal refunds will be instantly credited back to your PayPal account, however credit card refunds can take up to one billing cycle for the funds to appear back in your account. This may take up to 3 - 4 weeks, however it usually doesn't take that long. If it still hasn't been applied after you receive your next bill, please let us know and we'll be happy to resolve that for you.



    How does TeePublic work?
    TeePublic is a curated community of the world's best designers. Our platform enables artists to upload as many designs as they want, create their own store, and build a following without having to worry about printing or shipping! When an artist uploads a new design it's featured on sale for the first 72 hours, after which time it stays on the site - still at a great price! TeePublic offers the best prices and highest commissions of any designer marketplace on the web. For a full list of commissions, see our handy chart under the “Getting Paid” section of this FAQ.
    What products can I offer in my store?
    Adult T-Shirts, Kids T- Shirts, Infant Onesies, Tank Tops, Hoodies, Crewnecks, Art Prints, Posters, Canvas Prints, Phone Cases, Mugs, Notebooks, Laptop Sleeves, and Stickers are available for all designers to print on. We offer multiple styles in many of these!
    Is there any cost to create a store and upload my work?
    Nope - joining, uploading, and selling on TeePublic is free!
    Can anyone be a Designer?
    Absolutely, our design guidelines are intended for more savvy artists who are very familiar with Adobe. However, don't be discouraged! We also love work from less experienced designers if their art is unique and looks sharp.


    How much do I get paid?
    Full Price Commission Sale Price Commission
    T-Shirts $4 $2
    Tanks $4 $2
    Hoodies $8 $4
    Crewnecks $6.50 $3
    Art Prints $6 - 9 $3 - 4.50
    Poster Prints $3 - 7 $1.50 - 4
    Canvas Print $12 - 21 $8 - 14
    Cellphone Case (Slim) $5 $3
    Cellphone Case (Protective) $7 $4
    Mugs $3 - $4 $2 - $3
    Laptop Sleeves $4 $3
    Notebooks $3 - $4 $2
    Stickers $0.75 $0.50
    How do I get my money?
    We pay all designers through monthly PayPal or Payoneer transfers. You will receive your commissions on the 15th of every month for all sales made during the previous calendar month. Payment information can be entered on your storefront by hovering over the moneybag symbol at the top of your homepage when you're logged in and clicking "View Details". If you have any issues accepting your payment please contact community@teepublic.com.
    Is there a limit to how many designs and products I can sell?
    Nope - sell as many as you want and create an awesome store!
    Can I change the price of my products?
    No, we like to keep things standardized here at TeePublic. All products will have two different prices, a sale price (when it's discounted during the first 72 hours, a sitewide sale, or when you're featured!) and a regular price that it will remain during all other times.
    How do I see the sales per design?
    Go to “My Storefront”, the sale total for each design is under the corresponding image.


    What kind of blank do you print on?
    We use 100% Cotton for our classic solid color shirts, 90/10% Cotton/Polyester blend for our 'Heather Grey' and 50/50% Cotton/Polyester blend for our colored Heathers. Our other products may differ in fiber content; you can check that out by selecting the product you’d like and clicking “Garment Info.” You can also send us an email at support@teepublic.com if you have any questions about specific items!
    What is your printing technique?
    Our shirts are created using a high-tech digital print technique called ‘Direct to Garment’ printing. We use Kornit machines, the best in the business, which ensure an extremely high quality print. Every shirt is color matched and hand prepped before it goes to the printer, and our products are all QC’d before being shipped to customers.
    What colors can I offer my design on?
    Go crazy! We print on over 60 different colors, all of which you'll be able to check out on our uploader.
    Can I print on the back/sleeves of the shirt?
    Currently all of our garments print on the front only, with the one exception of Zip-Up Hoodies!
    What color inks can I use in my design?
    That’s the beauty of our print method - we can literally print any CMYK color you can create! No color/ink restrictions at all! You can also check out our design guide here , which helps to further explain DTG printing.
    How do I add more color options to a design I've already published?
    Go to 'My Storefront' from your avatar drop down, click 'Edit' on the shirt tile you want to update with more colors. From there you can simply select more colors from the color pallet section and re-publish.
    What are the differences in sticker formats and how can I choose the best one for my artwork?
    'Automatic with Background' is our default sticker format, but we offer three sticker formats to make sure that there’s a perfect fit for each design! The three formats are: 'Automatic', 'Automatic with Background', and 'Background Color'. For more information on which sticker style might be best for your designs, please take a look at our blog post here.
    Can I offer a design on more than one sticker format?
    Due to uploader limitations, each design can only be offered on one sticker format at a time. We recommend trying all 3 options before publishing to see what looks best!


    Where can I learn about your image requirements?
    Specific requirements can be found in our uploader and here –– we're very proud of our uploader and think you'll love using it! It’s intuitive and speedy. Make sure your art file is as Hi-Res as possible and at least 150 DPI.
    What if I want to upload a design that doesn’t work within your image requirements?
    Sorry, no dice! Your design has to work within our image requirements or we won’t be able to print it.
    Are there limits on how many colors I can use?
    No, go wild! Visit our design guide to see how colors will translate to print.
    Will any design I submit make it on the website?
    Yes! Anything you submit will be put up for sale; please nothing pornographic or profane.
    Are there any content restrictions on designs?
    We reserve the right to remove designs we feel are in either extremely poor taste or violate copyright laws. Use your best judgment; do not steal designs or use copyrights/trademarks and do not be racist or inconsiderate. Other than that, have fun! In an effort to keep up the overall quality of work on the site, we will also take down designs that are clearly stolen or that do not have clean enough files to print properly.
    Who retains the rights to the designs I put on TeePublic and what about exclusivity?
    YOU always retain the rights to all of your work, no matter what! Anything you put on TeePublic stays yours and there is no exclusivity.


    I'm having trouble uploading my design...
    Please be sure your designs meet the requirements outlined in our “Designing for DTG” Guide, found here. If you continue to experience any issues uploading, please do let us know at community@teepublic.com.
    What are Tags?
    When you upload a design to TeePublic, we ask you to assign it one parent tag. Beyond that main tag you can assign multiple descriptive tags. Tags describe the theme, subject matter, or category your design fits into. They help our customers find your work and are very important for sales!
    What's a Main/Parent tag?
    If you had only one word or phrase which best describe your design, what would it be? If a customer could only enter one word while browsing TeePublic, what would they type to find your design? Main tags are used to index your work on the site and groups the design with others sharing the same main or parent tag.
    Can I add tags to my design after it is published?
    Sure! Just go to your storefront and click on the “Edit” button directly to the right of your total shirts sold on the shirt tile.
    Can I edit my design after it is published?
    Yup! Just go to your store page and click "Deactivate" on the design tile, it's to the right of "Edit".
    How do I delete my design?
    Easy enough - just go to your store, scroll over the design you'd like to delete, and click the red “X” in the top right once it appears.
    Can I deactivate my design?
    Yup! Just go to your store page and click "Deactivate" on the design tile, it's to the right of "Edit". You may also email us at community@teepublic.com and we can get that sorted for you.
    How do I delete my account?
    Please email us at community@teepublic.com to delete your account - we'll be sorry to see you go!
    I don’t think my sales are being counted correctly...
    Designers earn a commission of $2 on every $14 tee sale and $4 on every $20 tee sale; different styles and garments will earn different commissions. A sale will only show up on your store page once the design is prepped and the order has been pushed to our printer. Fluctuations and changes in sale totals can also occur from cancelled orders. As always, we’d be happy to clarify any discrepancies or provide a full commission breakdown list - just send us an e-mail to community@teepublic.com!


    How do I change my Avatar?
    Hover over your current avatar image there will be an option to "Upload New Icon", click that button and upload it there.
    How do I change my banner/header?
    Click on “My Storefront” via the avatar dropdown, and if you hover over your current banner image there will be the option to "Upload New Cover Photo". Click that button and upload it there!
    Can I change my location?
    Yes! Go to “My Account” via the avatar dropdown and change the information in the location field via "Edit Storefront".
    What are Collections?
    Collections are set automatically based on your tags and are a useful way to organize your shop into groups. Using the same tag in all relevant designs, will assign them to that specific collection.
    How can I view my store page/link Google Analytics?

    I don't have a Google Analytics account

    You'll need a Google account and sign up for google analytics to get started.

    I already have a Google Analytics account

    Log into your Google Analytics account and create a new account in the admin panel.

    Ga admin create new account 656cdaa97fa25a76e0eca2ac73dabfe4cc86b6741c2263b5fb1fbc47c3d66b4c

    Linking Google Analytics to TeePublic

    The following steps will guide you through the process of linking Google Analytics to your TeePublic Store.

    1. Select "Website".
    2. Name your account. It can be anything you want such as "My Teepublic Store" or your store name. This is used as a reference to distinguish different google analytics you may have in the future.
    3. Enter "TeePublic" under "Website URL"
    4. Enter "www.teepublic.com" under "Website URL"
    5. "Industry Category" is not required and can be left unselected
    6. Ga new account form eb43c545e3b0cf0775bac631af4292a11c6c2da2aa6676be99797d4710ac458e

      Providing TeePublic with Tracking ID

      After clicking on 'Get Tracking ID' and accepting terms of service, you'll be taken to a page that will provide you with your new Tracking ID that looks something like this: "UA-XXXXXXXX-X". Now would be the time to copy it and have it handy for the next steps

      Ga tracking id 59c6dce604aee7649ff6a0e0bf9bba25b44ab87b24018ee7b5ab59b51931d21e
    7. Log into your Teepublic account by clicking on "My Account" in the upper left hand menu.
    8. Ga tp my account ddb8cbedf5694d60a575f4d5633cabb259048ef9ce11ba49e2bf016d81276bb4
    9. Once in your accounts Google Analytics tab enter your Tracking ID in the field and click save. Note that it may take 24 hours for traffic to show up on your new google analytics property and there is usually a delay from what happens on the site to GA.
    10. Ga tp tracking id form 8d4edcdd3536cb53bd75c7ccb9992da81cd5262597c6e4714fb21ed004daa8be

      Enabling Google Analytics Sales Data

      In addition to traffic data, you also are able to see sales data by following these additional steps.

    11. Click on Admin.
    12. Click on View Settings.
    13. Ga view settings bdc1faf9ea6707861a3303ee71983c753b050527c0f01d8797c018c77e2727fa
    14. Click e-commerce settings.
    15. Turn e-commerce status on.
    16. Click on View Settings to update currency.
    17. Ga ecommerce enable 8e148aaf024df152e9a5568df0cfcdaeaf41f9854ecbf8b07f7f4bf93c7707d5
    18. Select Currency in the "Currency displayed as" dropdown.
    19. Ga currency update 67f43c437fa56c3deb8a42b09367847b3f6f794456130e3f96fea66001b81f8f


    How do I follow someone and what does that mean?
    You can follow a designer by clicking on the "+Follow" button on the upper right corner of the banner on their store page. You will be able to view all the people you follow on one convenient tab on your profile page. Following designers is a great way to stay up to date on great new designs on TeePublic!
    How can I get more followers?
    Create great designs, there’s no better way to get more followers than making art people love! Beyond that make sure to promote your artwork on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Try to keep it fresh: once your $14 tee bumps up to $20, release another one at the sale price and repeat the cycle again! Each individual design gets you more real estate on TeePublic.
    How do I manage my store?
    Make sure you are logged in and scroll over the avatar in the upper right hand corner of the site, then click on 'My Storefront'. There you’ll be able to see the designs you have for sale and edit them if needed. You’ll also be able to edit your profile, upload designs, refer a friend to TeePublic (for $250!), and find out payment details from this screen. If you’d like to upload a customized banner for your store click 'Edit Image' in the top right hand corner of your banner and upload a 1000 x 300px image.
    How can I promote my designs?
    We encourage you to share your designs with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or however else you communicate with people you know. This is your design, get it out to the world and get some sales! There are pre-populated share links on each of your shirts product pages, you can see those under the image of the product. We can also help you out by featuring your design on the homepage and in emails!
    Why submit here? Why not Threadless or Redbubble or somewhere else?
    Most importantly, we can offer your customers a t-shirt for $20 and pay you $4 for each shirt sold. That’s a less expensive retail price and more money for you than anywhere else on the web. Beyond that, the great thing about TeePublic is that it is an open platform: anyone can submit anything they want, as much as they want. There’s no limit to how many designs you can have on the site and no limit to how much money you can make. We let the community decide everything so the man won’t hold you down!

    TeePublic Partner Program


    What should I do if I’m interested in becoming an affiliate with TeePublic?
    If you’re interested in becoming a TeePublic affiliate please email affiliate@teepublic.com. Please include in your email what type of affiliate partnership you’re interested in, and links to all your relevant social media sites.
    I already have a designer account but I’d like to be an affiliate, what should I do?
    You can sign up to be an affiliate by scrolling to the bottom of any TeePublic page and clicking on Affiliate Signup or by clicking here. Once you’ve activated your affiliate account please email affiliate@teepublic.com to get more information on completing the signup process and to connect with a dedicated account manager.
    What are the benefits of having a merch store?
    TeePublic offers a 31% commission to our partners for sales of their own merch. For ex: For a $20 t-shirt you would earn $6.20 back. Earn 11% commission for sales you refer for existing TeePublic designs. These are the most competitive commission rates around.
    No need to have your own designs -- You have access to the entire TeePublic design catalogue and can curate your own branded storefront with existing designs on TeePublic. This opportunity is completely unique to TeePublic; no other t-shirt provider offers this feature.
    Increase fan engagement -- Your fans and followers want to know what you think is awesome! Show your community cool new designs that you think they may enjoy.


    How much do I get paid?
    You earn 11% commission on all sales you refer to TeePublic. AND if you are selling your own merch you earn a 31% commission.
    If someone buys something outside my store do I get credit?
    Absolutely! You get 11% commission for any sales you send to TeePublic in your store or not. Also the cookie lifetime is 30 days so if the customer decides to buy later, you will still get credited.
    Why am I getting two payments?
    This might seem confusing, but it’s quite simple actually. Here’s a payment breakdown:
    Royalties are sent directly by TeePublic through monthly PayPal transfers on the 15th of every month for all sales made in the previous month.
    The 11% commission comes from ShareASale through checks or direct deposit on the 20th of every month for all the commissions you’ve made in the previous month.


    I don't have a design! Can you help?
    We sure can! We have a tremendous community of artists who often taken on commissioned design projects. If you need help making your t-shirt idea into a graphic design email affiliate@teepublic.com.
    Do you do giveaways?
    Absolutely -- let us know what you have in mind and we can brainstorm together!
    Do you do coupon codes?
    For sure! Ask your dedicated manager for one or email us at affiliate@teepublic.com. Keep in mind that coupon codes only work when the shirts are full priced. If there’s already a discount on the site, the coupon codes don’t work.
    Can you help me set up a contest?
    We absolutely love design contests! If you’re planning on creating a design contest, talk with your dedicated manager or contact us at affiliate@teepublic.com and we can take it from there.
    Do you have twitch alerts? How do I set them up?
    We do have twitch alerts as well as a twitch streamer partner program. You can learn more about both here. To activate your twitch alerts go to My Account, then Apps, and follow the instructions from there.
    Where can I get creative to promote my store?
    Email us at affiliate@teepublic.com and we can set that up. You can also access a ton of creative we already have made from your ShareASale account.


    What is ShareASale and why do I have to use it?
    ShareASale is a third party network that allows brands, content creators and blogs to earn money by promoting TeePublic designs. ShareASale creates tracking links that we can use to see the clicks and sales going from your posts to your TeePublic store. This is also where you are credited your 11% commission.
    How do I sign up for ShareASale?
    To create a ShareASale account go to this link and follow prompts. For more details you can refer to this article.
    I don’t see TeePublic listed as a merchant. Why can I only select BustedTees as the merchant?
    BustedTees is a sister website to TeePublic and runs through the same ShareASale program. Select BustedTees as the merchant and you will be good to go! BustedTees = TeePublic in ShareASale.
    How do I create links in ShareASale?
    Creating links in ShareASale is similar to using any link shortener. Link to screencast.
    Can I post a link directly to my TeePublic store?
    No! We can’t track any sales you refer unless you have generated and posted a ShareASale link.
    Why is my ShareASale link not working for Instagram and what can I do to fix it?
    Your ShareASale links won’t work if you’re using a ShareASale License Plate Link. To make them work (clickable) you have two options: either create regular links in ShareASale (not license plate links) or run the link through bit.ly
    Where can I view analytics about my store?
    You can access a robust set of analytics directly from your ShareASale account. Check out this screencast for more details on how to generate ShareASale reports.