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Excited! for the upcoming Halloween party? Grab now this Halloween Rainbow Color Sprinkles Candy Cute Costume tee. This is a cool and bright design idea that would be loved by sweet tooth and dessert lovers. The graphic style is inspired! on that donut. This is a perfect gift for ice cream and candy sweethearts as they can see the design toppings that could boost their cravings for sweets. Adorable shirt design that is great for daily use. Make other people crave for a rich, delicious and sugary food.

Tags: gift, colorful-design, candy-costume, candy, abstract


Design made from an original watercolor illustration by Katarzyna Kmiecik. This is my older watercolor painting (from 2011) of Smaug the dragon, based on books by J.R.R. Tolkien. It's titled 'Smaug's Cave' and I love it so much that I kept the original for myself. I always wanted to create something similar to Alan Lee's works and I feel like a did a good job with this one. I made this artwork even before the first part of the book ecranisation came out! It has a rather cool composition and some nice colors I don't get to use very often while painting architecture or landscapes. I am going to make more Tolkien inspired illustrations in the future :) I will be happy to hear your suggestions!

Tags: art, geek, bilbo-baggins, middle-earth, smaug

Smaug's Cave Hoodie

by KKmiecik_ART
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