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Gift For Science Teacher Hoodies


"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood." Marie Curie

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"What one man calls God, another calls the laws of physics." Nikola Tesla

Tags: physics, inspirational, gift-for-science-teacher, technology, gift-for-scientist


Green and purple medieval lettering with a funny science maths pun, "The roundest knight at King Arthur's court was Sir Cumference. He 8 2 much pi.". Funny math equation graphic design. Love science and math? Get ready for Pi Day on March 14 by getting one of these amazingly geeky designs on any of our apparel or gift items!

Tags: pi, pie, march-14, modern-nerd, math-pun


If you are a science teacher, earth science, and physics, you will surely love this tee. Great gift for your friends, co-teacher, principal, and one of your family member, they will not be disappointed with this tshirt. Get yours now! This funny saying tees I Am A Science Teacher Except Much Cooler! Cute Gift T-Shirt is a perfect present for your schoolteacher, professor, lecturer, tutor, or instructor. Grab this shirt and wear it with pride that you are a science teacher.

Tags: science-teacher-gift, science, science-gift, science-lover, cool-science-teacher


I just got mooned! This hilarious t shirt is a great way to commemorate the 2018 lunar eclipse. The perfect gift for planet lovers, moon fans, eclispe enthusiasts, moms, dads, scientists, college students, friends family and more!

Tags: lunar-eclipse, lunar-eclipse-chaser, gift-for-him, gift-for-her, i-just-got-mooned

Funny Lunar Eclipse Hoodie

by MerchDudes

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