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Hellraiser Puzzlebox Hoodies


What's your pleasure?

Tags: hellraiser, cenobite, monster, scary, creepy

What's Your Pleasure? Hoodie

by BeccaWhitaker

Tags: stencil, graffiti, illproxy-design, horror-graffiti, horror-stencil

Pleasure and Pain Hoodie

by illproxy

The puzzle-box you seriously don't want to solve... but I mean, really, how many of us have tried and failed to solve these damn things since the 80's?

Tags: horror, pop-culture, movie, nobody-will-ever, impossible

Hellraiser Rubik's Cube Hoodie

by willblackb4

Tags: halloween, demonigote, slasher, movie, hellraiser-puzzlebox

Little Pinhead Hoodie

by demonigote

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