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Nutrition Facts Hoodies


Have you ever wondered how a cannibal might look at you? Well, wonder no more! With this t-shirt you can show everyone around you what you are made up of and how healthy it would be to feast on your meat. The facts are based on a couple kinds of bear meat (similar in make up as humans') and calculated on an average 165lb male.

Tags: funny, nutrition, facts, human, meat


Vegans are the experts when it comes to reading nutrition facts and ingredients lists. This one just makes it a little easier!

Tags: plant-based, plant-based-diet, nutrition, funny, low-fat

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This shirt design features the merica nutrition facts and indicates the patriotism 1776%, freedom 100%, guns 1000%, badassery! 100%, bacon 100%, no.1 at everything 100%, communism 0%, capitalism 100%, world wars 100%. Great shirt for all Americans. Show your patriotism and love to your country with this "Patriotic Merica Nutrition Facts America Flag Gift Tee". If you are an American grab this tee for yourself or to any of your family members and make this shirt an awesome gift and wear it with pride.

Tags: america, nutrition-facts, american, usa, patriotic


Super cool funny gift shows what your childs babysitter really puts up with and the many sets of pants they wear whether be master of diapering, chaos coordinator, teacher, toddler chaser, unconditional loving human. This childcare shirt for women or men shows how they handle a home full of kids and not breaking a sweat. Our daycare shirts make a great gift for anyone taking care of children and has the ability to be a big influence in the life of a child.

Tags: childcare-provider, childcare-workers, preschool-teacher, childcare, nutrition-label


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