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Officer K Hoodies


Inspired by the movie "Blade Runner 2049." I hope you like it! :)

Tags: blade-runner, city, moon, buildings, skyline

2049 Hoodie

by Daletheskater
$45 $35

"The latest innovation from the Wallace Corporation" OWN HER TODAY

Tags: 2049, blade-runner-2049, harrison-ford, ryan-gosling, officer-k

JOI - Blade Runner 2049 Hoodie

by Garynzilla
$45 $35

Tags: tyrell-corporation, ryan-gosling, rick-deckard, katakana, blade-runner-2049


Los Angeles Municipal Waste Management - San Diego District

Tags: san-diego, los-angeles, officer-k, rick-deckard, blade-runner

Blade Runner 2049 Los Angeles Dump Hoodie

by specialdelivery
$45 $35

Officer K's license plate. More Human Than Human.

Tags: androids, cyberpunk, more-human-than-human, robots, replicant

Tags: origami-unicorn, tyrell-corporation, blade-runner, androids, ryan-gosling

Tags: gosling, strong, power, action, movie

Officer K Hoodie

by dmitryb1
$45 $35

Start a Pale Fire with this design based on one of the most memorable new elements introduced in Blade Runner 2049, and support Shoulder of Orion: The Blade Runner Podcast while you're at it! This version is set in typography mirroring the original Blade Runner title cards.

Tags: typography, bladerunner, blade-runner-1982-movie, blade-runner-movie, blade-runner-2049


However, K never compares his own DNA with hers, so we're left guessing. Perhaps there never was a boy. We know Deckard altered the records, falsely registering the girl as deceased. Inventing a male twin could have been part of that same attempt to muddy the waters, deliberately leading the authorities in the wrong direction.

Tags: blade-runner, sci-fi, gun, officer-k, ryan-gosling

At the Scrapyard Hoodie

by Bespired
$45 $35

Tags: villeneuve, officer-k, joi, rick-deckard, replicants

Blade Runner - Movie Hoodie

by Cheila
$45 $35

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