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Pixel Sprites Hoodies


Banded together from remote galaxies are thirteen of the most sinister villians of all time, The Legion of Doom. Dedicated to a single objective, the conquest of the Universe! Only one group dares to challenge this intergalactic threat, The Super Friends! The Justice League of America versus The Legion of Doom! This is the Challenge of The Super Friends!

Tags: megaman, mega-man, pixel-sprites, pixel, pixelart


72 friends, foes and alternate suits of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man

Tags: art, spider-man, pixel-sprites, sprites, pixelart

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Stay fresh, my squids!

Tags: art, wiiu, pixel-sprites, sprites, sprite

Callie and Marie Pixels Hoodie

by geekmythology
$45 $35

Tags: art, t, pixel-sprites, sprites, pixelart

Pixelated Things Hoodie

by 8BitHero
$45 $35

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