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Artisan Kids Hoodies


Show off the artist within....

Tags: design, artistic, art, artisan, artist

Artisan Kids Hoodie

by SquareDog

Claim the title of being the best potter in the world! Get this is you're a self proclaimed pottery legend, who has the confidence of a professional artist. It is perfect for a pottery class, or on any occasion.

Tags: crafter, potteryware, craftsperson, crafting, craftsman


If there's a black belt in sports, there is also one in pottery! Get this and let people know you are an expert in this fine art. You could also get this as a gift for someone you know who is a pro in making and shaping pots to perfection!

Tags: potteryware, craftsperson, handicraft, crafting, crafter


It requires skills and talant to be a potter. Get this if you are a professional potter and show everyone that pottery is not as easy as they think. Makes a great gift too for those excellent potters you know!

Tags: clay, artisan, craftswoman, craftsman, craftsperson


Show your skills through crafting different materials. This would also make a great gift for your girlfriend or your loved one who has the crafting powers that can turn objects into masterpieces!

Tags: artisan, sewing-lover, knitting, crafting, quilter


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