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Ashen Kids Hoodies


Ashen Game - nintendo switch

Tags: ashen-nintendo, dark-souls, journey, nintendo, ashen-game

Tags: demons, dark-souls, pc-master-race, pc, xbox1


The Lords have left their thrones, and must be deliver'd to them. To this end, I am at thy side

Tags: bloodborne, yhorm-the-giant, aldrich-devourer-of-gods, ashen-one

Tags: horror, fantasy, cycle, firelink-shrine, fire


One of my favorite series of all time. Constantly coming up with ideas while pumping in the hours into the game. This of course is Blacksmith Andre's famous line I hear several times a day.

Tags: demons, blacksmith, andre, blacksmith-andre, darksouls2

Tags: abyss, artorias-of-the-abyss, artorias, gwyn, darkness

Tags: dark-souls, ashen-one, ashen, ash, chosen-undead


"the dark souls of platformers" "Don't deal with jolly cooperation." Cuphead and Dark souls inspired

Tags: cuphead, cuphead-dont-deal-with-the-devil, gaming, mashup, dark-souls

Tags: dragon, demons, dark-souls-3, gwyn, seth

Northern Warrior Kids Hoodie

by Martina1982

Tags: demons, bloodborne, lords-of-the-fallen, first-flame, flame

Tags: demons, dark-souls, hollow, undead-burg, knight-lautrec


The great successes of Dark Souls in a pose to Super Mario

Tags: demons, dark-souls, ichigo, knight-lautrec, ichigo-kurosaki


The great successes of Dark Souls in a pose to Super Mario

Tags: demons, dark-souls, zelda-informer, shadow-link, evil-link


The great successes of From Software in a pose to Super Mario

Tags: anime, demons, dark-souls, soul-reaper, hollow

Tags: demons, dark-souls, hollow-mask, soul-reaper, demon-souls


In honor and loyalty. The tenacious Knights of Gwyn

Tags: anime, demons, dark-souls, uryu-ishida, quincy

Tags: fantasy, anime, demons, dark-souls, taniguchi


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