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Bitey Kids Hoodies


He's not very popular at the company picnics.

Tags: mr-bitey, cartoon, cartoons, hillary-white, wytrab8

Mr. Bitey Kids Hoodie

by wytrab8

Chomm13's "Billy The Bitey Pizza" for Halloween, by LongSempei

Tags: eat-me, eat, food, pizza, artwork


Inspired by the video for Ugly Boy by Die Antwoord, I decided to make my own version of the iconic introduction sticker. This variation is also inspired by The Doctor’s Wife episode of Dr Who. I really like Bitey as a name. “Biting’s excellent. It’s like kissing. Only there’s a winner.” This illustration has been made in Photoshop.

Tags: doctor-who, black, neil-gaiman, the-doctors-wife, white


Chomm13's "Eat Me! Billy The Bitey Pizza" for Halloween, by LongSempei

Tags: eat, food, cartoon, longsempei, scary


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