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Daedric Kids Hoodies


We all know this armor from one of the most awesome games...is awesome, so awesome that it deserves to be homaged in honor of it's awesomeness.

Tags: nerd, elder-scrolls-v-skyrim, elder-scrolls, video-games, armor

Armor of the Daedra Kids Hoodie

by jswhittington3

Tags: vivec, morrowind, daedra, thieves, companions

black tshirt Kids Hoodie

by LabRat

Tags: thieves-guild, karliah, brynjolf, nightingale, morrowind

Tags: daedra, fraser, thieves, morrowind, outlander


Hail Sithis!

Tags: pc-games, xbox-360, playstation-3, dragon-born, oblivion

Tags: breton, sovngarde, playstation, ps4, fantasy

Markarth Stylized Kids Hoodie

by APStephens
Main Tag

The Elder Scrolls

Tags: creed, learn, learning, tamriel, assassins

Tags: companions, nerevar, daedra, morrowind, thieves


Fus Ro Nah. Everyone’s favorite lasagna loving midwestern cat gets a Skyrim spin in “The Lasagnaborn.”

Tags: gaming, skyrim, eso, tes, elder-scrolls


Fus Ro Dah!

Tags: iron-helmet, helmet, sword, dagger, axe

Dovah-crest Kids Hoodie

by AutoSave

Tags: thieves-guild, thief, grey-fox, hood, gray-fox


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