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Demonbuster Kids Hoodies

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I'm sure everyone has heard of Jack Frost, the sprite that brings the frost and what not. No, definitely not that pretty boy with the white hair. I'm talkin' about a demon. And if you haven't heard of him before now, you should! This guy is a legend from the Shin Megami Tensei series. Look at this guy! Look at how cute he is! Don't you want him on a shirt? I know I do.

Tags: gaming, shin-megami-tensei, jack-frost, video-games, atlus

Hee Ho! Kids Hoodie

by blibbles

Tags: atlus, smt-imagine, pyro-jack, demonbuster, demon-buster

Tags: jackfrost, demon-buster, demonbuster, megaten-online, imagine-online

Tags: demon-buster, demonbuster, megatenonline, imagineonline, megaten-online

Certified Demon Buster Kids Hoodie

by TerraTerraCotta

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