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Elijah Mikaelson Kids Hoodies

Tags: the-originals, elijah-mikaelson

Tags: kol-mikaelson, elijah-mikaelson, klaus, klaus-mikaelson, the-vampire-diaries

Tags: kol-mikaelson, elijah-mikaelson, klaus-mikaelson, klaroline, the-vampire-diaries

Tags: the-vampire-diaries, salvatore, damon, elena, vampire

Klaroline Kids Hoodie

by hunnysause
$36 $30

Tags: fantasy, mashup, bag-end, puns, suit

Elijah Wood Kids Hoodie

by Franklepirate
$36 $30

He can turn into a rhino to knock down walls or a jack rabbit to spy on peeps.

Tags: gaming, dungeons-and-dragons, d-and-d, roleplay, role-playing-game

Druid Elijah Kids Hoodie

by StarKillerTheDreaded
$36 $30

Few people know the story of the kids who disrespected Elijah the prophet. You'd do well to avoid their mistake after reading this bible verse. Let others know why honoring your parents is one of the ten commandments!

Tags: wisdom, christian-humor, elijah, kings, prophet


My personal logo for my art and website.

Tags: art, logo, illustration, skull, hot-rod


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