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Fish Nun Kids Hoodies


The Last Jedi introduces a slew of new space creatures to obsess over, much to Star Wars fans' delight. While Porgs basically stole everybody's hearts immediately upon the first trailer's release, the fish nuns in The Last Jedi are the ones who are everyone's new fave obsession. Yet while fans are, understandably, referring to them fish nuns, the creatures are technically called Caretakers. They live on the island of Ahch-To where Luke Skywalker lived in self-inflicted exile, and they judged just about anything anyone did, making everyone collectively proclaim, "same." The Caretakers have a no-nonsense approach to their busy lives of taking care of Ahch-To, and are totally overwhelmed by all of the nonsense that both Rey and Luke indulge in on the island. Luke's exile to Ahch-To is exactly the kind of over-dramatic response that the Caretakers seem to despise, and they immediately disapprove of Rey's equally dramatic acts. One of the greatest criticisms of The Last Jedi is that Luke's character arc doesn't fit into the series very well, and the Caretakers' disapproval of both him and Rey offers something that critical fans can latch onto.

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Judgmental Fish Nun Kids Hoodie

by MindsparkCreative
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Space Nun Kids Hoodie

by fashionsforfans
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