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Galra Kids Hoodies


It's kind of a crummy time to be a part of the Empire, isn't it? Those damned Voltron kids show up anywhere they please and blast things to cosmic dust, nearly including your own emperor. And what makes things worse is, they seem to get all the love. Welp, now you can pick up a little something to show your support for your side—the best side—of this conflict. Vrepit sa!

Tags: villain, cartoon, voltron, galra, legendary-defender

Vrepit Sa! Kids Hoodie

by Fusspot

This Prince Lotor portrait by designer Lucy Smith has all the elements of your favorite Half-Galra, Half-Altean son of Emperor Zarkon, who may or may not be a friend of the Voltron Paladins. Lotor is watching you, and he may be deceiving you!

Tags: anime, netflix, galra, lotor, legendary-defender


From Voltron Legendary Defender, Lotor's emblem!

Tags: galra, zethrid, acxa, ezor, prince-lotor


"I understand. You do what you must, and I'll do what I must."

Tags: lance, keith, pidge, hunk, legendary-defender


Prince Lotor's Generals - chibi!

Tags: acxa, zethrid, lotor, vld, legendary-defender


Prince Lotor's emblem from Voltron Legendary Defender!

Tags: vld, lotor-voltron, lance, prince-lotor, shiro


From Voltron Legendary Defender, Prince Lotor's emblem!

Tags: lengendary-defender, acxa, zethrid, ezor, narti


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