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Geekifyme Kids Hoodies


There are tales of a child in Britain during the blitz of London during World War II. A lost boy, an empty child, wandering the streets in a gas mask, looking for his mummy. Those he touched sprouted gas masks on their faces, and began seeking their mummies. Nobody knew what caused it, but it spread throughout the land. If only they had called a Doctor…

Tags: doctor-who, mummy, gas-mask, geekifyme, world-war-ii


Ah, the indomitable Professor River Song. How can you be calm when she’s like the rapids before the water fall? The match in the powder keg. The storm before the hurricane. But two words, and you know everything is about to get a lot bumpier. And that you’ll enjoy every minute of the adventure.

Tags: the-doctors-wife, keepcalm, keep-calm, funny, hello-sweetie


The Eleventh Doctor. Or was he the thirteenth? If you count the War Doctor (which apparently nobody does), and the Tenth Doctor’s regeneration back to himself (again, which apparently nobody does), then he would represent the lucky thirteen. Maybe. Regardless, Eleven certainly gave a new meaning to ‘A madman with a box.’

Tags: fez, geekifyme, wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey, tardis

Keep Calm and Geronimo Kids Hoodie

by TECHNOQueer
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