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Gitgud Kids Hoodies


Git Gud is very important - this shirt may help you to stop being a casul. You're not a casul? You can still wear it for spread the verb of Git Gud!

Tags: bloodborne, goldardeo, illuminati, gitgud, makecontact


In Overwatch story, Hana Song used to be a professional StarCraft 2 player. but really all in all she’s a big gamer. and we all know the gamer stereotype... like eating Doritos, Cheetos, and drink Mountain Dew! More specifically chibi gamer D.AV

Tags: mashup, starcraft-2, professional-gamer, garbage-gamer, gremlin


Need some advice the next time you decide to play a megaten game? The Frost Ace has got some words of encouragement for you~!

Tags: kaichi, yoshitsune, tokisada, oberon, hee-ho

Ace's Advice Kids Hoodie

by TerraTerraCotta

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