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Hillary2016 Kids Hoodies

Tags: making-america-great-again, humor, you, curb-your-enthusiasm, pretty-pretty-pretty-good


Hillary For Prison 2016 - Let's make a decision for country.

Tags: hillary, hillary-white, hillaryclinton, hillary-for-prison, never-hillary


You think women should get equal pay for equal work. Women's rights are human rights. That makes you nasty. Wear it with pride. Now more than ever, we need nasty women. Nasty women need to rise up. "Tell your sister that she's gotta rise up." It's essential to our rights at humans, and our lives as women to come together. $1 from every sale of this item goes to the Children's Defense Fund. Because little girls will become nasty women. And the CDF has always been close to Hillary's heart.

Tags: presidential-election, clinton, democrats, liberals, equal-rights

nasty. Kids Hoodie

by sharpstick

Tags: america, funny-president, humor, peter-venkman, ghostbusters


"When they go Avada Kedavra, we go Expelliarmus!"

Tags: harry-potter, albus-dumbledore, ginny-weasley, j-k-rowling, ronweasley

I'm With Dumbledore Kids Hoodie

by Smidge_Crab

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